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Personal update...


Late last month (January, 2004) I settled in with my mate, having moved to a new city and all that to be with her... and her two children. Things're going good for the relationship and all that.
At the moment, I'm looking for work in the new city. And yes, my new home (and life) is in Sudbury, Ontario... as my mate and her kids live here in the first place.
As you can see, I can still get online and all that, but my times are likely going to be more sparse since I have so many distractions here. My art supplies are still in Burlington, so any artwork I had will be on hold until I can move that stuff up here as well.
Anyways... I'll keep myself from rambling too much on this. See yas later.

As an update...
Am still living with my mate here in Sudbury, getting along great with her and her children.
I'm employed now, working for a telemarketing company in town. This came after an overly long stint of unemployment. It's commonly known in this town that finding a job is especially difficult, what with it's high unemployment rate. Joy, eh? Well, at least I have some form of income now.

Glad to hear things are going good for you, Ben.  
And congrats on the job.


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