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Well, I've been reeeeally busy lately, thus the reason I'm MIA. I'm working at a full time job and going to school, so I'm home long enough to sleep, eat and shower, and that's about it anymore.

While I have been drawing every now and again, very little of it's been furry. Don't get me wrong, I still like to draw cute little critters and what not, but I've been kinda sliding into the Anime spectrum of things lately. So I don't really have anything to post ATM... I'll try to remedy that soon. Just gotta find the time!  

Hey hey. long time no see. Its been a whiule and i came across some of yer stuff sitting on my HD and started wonderin what happened to ya. even found that old rought draft you were doing of karina my two tailed winged vixen character. wonder if ya ever got around to finishing that one hehe. anyways. good to see that yer  still around with us. hope to talk with ya soon.


Zarathus: your art.

Too many people draw...anime stuff. I know a lot of people like it...but..i see so much of it, it just bores me..

Heyas Matrix! Alas, I never did finish it... I tend to be fickle with my drawings, I start so many and yet finish so few. I'll see if I can get around to it, just have so little time nowadays.

Thanks again, Zarathus... I'm glad someone actually does like the stuff I do

*nods* A lot of people do draw Anime stuff, and I realize that by drawing it, I'm not really being original or whatnot. Honestly, tho, I tend to draw most what I'm interested in at the time. This means I jump around a lot, and most of it never gets posted(ie- it's horrible   ) So by no means will it be the only thing I draw... As a matter of fact, my furry toons will prolly stay more influenced by American stuff, although to say that there's no Anime influence even there would be a lie.
Anyhoo, I'll resume regular drawing once this phase passes, as I'm sure it will before too too long

I have always liked your work too, Justantine! (smiles)


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