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Adopt a Kitty!


I feel like drawing kitties right now, so I'll let you have your own! (Note that I was originally going to name this topic "Make A Kitty", but then I realized you can't "make" a cat.)

To adpot one, fill out the form:

Code Sample Adpoter's Name:
Kitty's Name:

Colors: (1 or 2 is fine)
Longhair or Shorthair?:
Eyes 1 or 2?: (not telling you which is which. it's a secret.;) )
# of Face Stripes: (from 0 to 3)
Other Stripes?: (as in stripes in other places; yes or no)
No collar, collar, or collar with a bell?:
No tair band, tail band, or tail band with a bell?:
Bow or not?: (female kitties only)
Pose 1 or 2?:

(giggles) Such a cute kitty!

Prince Karo:
awww.. cute!!
yay for kitties!!
ok, here we go...

Adpoter's Name:Prince Karo
Kitty's Name: Fluffita
Gender: Female

Colors: Grey
Longhair or Shorthair?: long
Eyes 1 or 2?: 1
# of Face Stripes: 2
Other Stripes?: yes
No collar, collar, or collar with a bell?:collar w/ bell
No tair band, tail band, or tail band with a bell?:band w/ bell
Bow or not?: yes
Pose 1 or 2?: 2

prince, your catgirl is lovely o_O

Quote (Prince Karo @ Mar. 14 2004, 1:37 pm)
Just came back and noticed I had a request. I'll start working on it right away.  


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