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Killman Zoo photos!


I recently took a trip to the Killman Zoo, near Caledonia, Ontario, Canada. I've gotten some of the best of my photos from that trip scanned and online my gallery site now.
If you'd like to check them out, visit the photographs section of my web site.

Those are some great face shots of the lion! Thanks for sharing them, Benjamin!

They're very good, Benjamin.  Have you taken any Photography classes along with your art ones, as these photos do look well done.  But you didn't photo any Dragons for me while you were there.  That's a shame.  ]B=8(

You're welcome, Kada.
Thanks for the compliments, too.
I've been using the same camera since 1990. It's a manual SLR with a couple of zoom lenses that are perfect for use at zoos like this. Photography's always been a sort of hobby of mine. I did a little bit of photography in art class in high school, then took photography for a couple of years while earning my BA in the Art and Art History programme at U of T Erindale. Still, I think it's mostly years of practice and a knack for composition, coupled up with a fair bit of luck that lets me take some decent photographs.


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