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Lion apparel!


I've gone and made another CafeShop. Yeah yeah... Another.
This one features one of the better photos that I took at the Killman Zoo last month, prominently displaying the handsome face of the male lion that they have there.
Anyways... Check it out! If you like lion shirts, buy one of mine!
The site is...
lion (panthera leo)

Looking good, Benjamin.  My only concern is that the fence that was between you and the lion is visible on the photograph.  Could there be a way to Photoshop that out?

I can't really Photoshop it out, since it's a photograph and the fence's presence is little more than a slight blur across the muzzle of the lion. If I can think of some way to do it, I'd go for it, but otherwise, that little blur doesn't bother me too much anyways.

Quick note...
I've got this shop shut down until I can find an online shirt shop that's got more respectful policies for it's own contributors.


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