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"Life is Precious"

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With this piece, I just started drawing a feline and I wanted to put butterfly wings on her and show her releasing a small 'wolfin' © me into a pond. The 'wolfin' of course, was very greatful.

I was originally going to make her a tigress but then I started putting the spots on her first and thought the two colorations would work perfectly together! (smiles)

Colored with markers and Prisma pencils.

"Life is Precious" click here for larger image

great pic, i like it!

Thank you, lordstacker!

It will be a couple days before I finish another piece and get it posted. (giggles)

All of these pieces will be in the artshow at AC for purchase. (smiles) These are soooo much better than last years art pieces!

Otto Lontra:
Awesome pic. I really like the butterfly wings. Very different, and I like different.

I bet Patrick would like this pic. I'll have to tell him about it when he gets back from his vacation.

beyond the darkness:
That beautiful!


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