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A "hippogryph" (sp)

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WS and I went and saw the latest Harry Potter movie this past Saturday and I fell in love with the creature that had on there. I believe they called it a 'hippogryph'. I'm not sure of the spelling.

Last night I sketched my rememberance of it down on paper and colored it with markers and prisma pencils. I know it isn't exactly like the one on the movie but I didn't have a reference to study at home so this was my version. The idea is still the same though. (smiles)

"My Hippogryph" click for larger image

Enjoy! (smiles)

I looked Hippogryph up on the internet and was surprised by the definition! Though the one on the movie was part horse and part gryphon (oops, think me forgot wings!

Here is one definition I found pertaining to a game:
Quote Hippogryphs are ancient, magical beasts whose bodies resemble both stags and ravens.

Though here, is like the one on the movie:

Another version inspired by the Harry Potter series:
another hippogryph

I believe I need to redo mine and give it its wings. (smiles)

I love hippogryphs so much.  I have a figurine of one next to my computer that my friend painted for me.  =^_^=

There's great colorations on yours, Kada!  It really came out good.

beyond the darkness:
I really like your hippogryph Kada!!

Wow,nicely done...especially the colors.


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