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So yeah.. I'm about to seal myself in the house again for another 2 days because of stoooopid hurricanes.  This time, it's Jeanne.  I actually live on the parking lot of the Magic Kingdom, if ya wanna follow the track (I work here, too).  Looks like the eye is heading right for us!  Ah well.  I went through all those other dang ones, I can do this one, too.  It's just weird what kind of stuff (like treefrogs) end up on a 2nd story window!

I also think peoples' minds get screwed up during weather changes.  Just today, I was on my way behind Space Mountain (I'm an op there), and I saw some fool and his kid JUMP from a MOVING TRAIN..  I can't believe how dumb people are..  After that, someone from the TTA (aka the Peoplemover) chucked a bottle of Nestea over the glass boundary and it hit one of our Rocket Trains.  =0.o=  You don't even wanna know about the other people I wanna call Child Services on.  =>.<=

Ah well.  Hurricane's gonna give me time to cool off.

Wish me luck!  And hey, if you like Rice and black beans, come on over, 'cause that's what I'm having all weekend.  Oh yeah, and black Mountain Dew.

Well since I can't control the weather the best I can do is a cross country hug Katty. *Big Ol Hug*  Oh by the way RebelKat will be looking for you.          He's one of the many new furs here and he lives near the park.

Otto Lupo:
*hugs katty* Stay safe in the storm.

RebelKat, eh?  =^_^=

*hugs to all*

Black Mountain Dew tastes just like Concord Grapes!!
Try it while ya can!

The storm was not bad this time.  ...well, as far as affecting me directly.  I haven't been out to survey any damage yet, though, either.  
Type ya later.

Somebody call me?

Glad you are ok, Kattywampus, I am too.
Had I known you worked at Disney, I would've looked for you. I've probably seen you in passing already, seeing as how I'm a roller coaster nut, and love Magic Kingdom. Small world, huh? (ok...bad Disney humor) *smiles shyly*


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