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Updates at last!


Finally got around to updating  

There's some new pics in the G to PG-13 section:

and some new ones in the R to XXX section (WARNING! Adult content here) :

That's it for now, more to come! Honest  

(I really need some sort of sig... Don't have anything catchy right now tho )

I have to say I really liked the 'blurred' movement on your "Chip and Dale" piece!

(giggles) Is it me or what but your XXX seems to be more detailed (?) than your PG stuff?  Perhaps because some of your PG aren't colored. (Yet?) Very nicely done. I especially like the "Victoriastrip". VERY well done!

Thanks for the updates!

Thank you!

As for my adult work being more detailed... well, what can I say? I seem to like that sort of stuff

Well a sexy Fur draws a sexy ...MMm...*grins*


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