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Prince Karo:
I am looking for some furs to do trades with.. (preferibly experianced artists)

Experienced... I once drew something, does that count?

I'll have to finish up some other work first, but if you like we can do a trade afterwards (say in two weeks or so).

Autumn Fire:
*smiles* I'm already doing a trade for you. I think yours is next on the list to start ^_^ I'm actually looking forward to doing a feline now.. since I've been doing so many wolves adn canines

beyond the darkness:
Yea! I'd be interested too, I'm just abit busy too, if you don't mind waiting PM me or whatever and let me know ok?

Old Rabbit:
Hi >:o)

If you like we can do a art trade.  Just let me now. It might be a few weeks. I have several in work as usual .


Old Rabbit


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