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1st digitized drawing pad!

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I was suprised to be given a new 'toy' from WS today! Here is the first result. It will definitely take me some getting used to as I usually look down at my paper when I draw. With this digitizing pad, I have to look at the monitor. (smiles)

For a larger image click here.

Ok, for those of you that use the drawing pads I have a couple of questions.

I keep trying to get my 'pen' centered back on the tablet but it won't allow me to. If I want to click something on the left side in PSP5 I have to basically take the 'pen' all the way to the left of my pad.

I'm also trying to figure out how to click on the 'background' color in my PSP and it will only put my color on the 'foreground' square.

I also have to go ALL over the pad to get to where I want and that gets a bit irritating, hence wanting to center the pen after lifting it up off the pad. Otherwise, no matter what it always takes me back to where ever I last put down the pen.

Any ideas/suggestions?

Old Rabbit:
Hi  >:o)

I have been using a digital pad for several years now. I found them pretty much like a mouse in a pen. With better control on position of course. The pressure control makes it very much like drawing on paper too.. But you can click or double click with the pens buttons. Or set them up to control program functions.

Yes the discontinuity between the pad and the monitor does take some getting used to. But after a time it seems natural.

I had a calcomp and a wacom pad which I currently use. It's aproximately 4"x5". It's surface replicates the monitors screen. So where you put the pen down is the same point on the screen.  
When I am working on a drawing I size it for comfortable detail work.  The larger scale allows for better control with the pen automaticly. So there isn't any need for a large pad as you usally only use a small part at any given time.

Perhaps your driver isn't working as it should from your discriiption of how it's working.  It's been a while since your post. You may have cured the problems by now.

If not. See if there are any new drivers available ,and try them.

Old Rabbit

Thanks for your comments! Being April Fools day I was a little skeptical checking it out. LOL

I haven't used it since I posted that. Thanks for the info. One of these days I will try it again.

Nate Dogg:
Well done. now i wish i could draw

If this is anything like Illustrator, and it seems like it is, you're gonna have to create your 'background' (i.e., a bigass square color of your choice) and set it to the farthest back layer.
Those two colorboxes for you to click on might be line color and fill color, am I right?


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