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You said I could post this here...


Ardilla: here it is.  The playlist for my latest program.  And yes Justantine, I did include a This Morn' Omina track as you requested.  Here ya go:

1. No Man- Housewives Hooked on Heroin
2. L'ame Immortelle- Tiefster Winter
3. Fictional- The Sound of the Falling Rain
4. Haujobb- Platform
5. S.P.O.C.K.- Klingon 2000
6. Funker Vogt- History (Timeless Decay Mix)
7. Accessory- Secret Culture (live)
8. Hocico- Grito De Las Entranas
9. David Thrussell- Opening Theme/Working on a Dream
10. cEvin Key- Incandescent Glow
11. Dulce Liquido- Dementia
12. Anaenzephalia- Final Pulse
13. This Morn Omina- Uraeus
14. No Man- Housewives Hooked on Methadone
15. Brian Eno- An Ending (Ascent)

And of course you can tune in here:

Now where are those pics I requested from ya?

Yay! More awesome music!!

I dunno why I'm posting this, since yer here in my room right now... But "Hi and cool!" Anyhoo!  

I'm not at your pad anymore     And you know me, I'm always trying to serve up some good sounds that people really should be listening to.  It's an uphill battle but at least you're one of the enlightened few  

So got any requests for the next program?

And of course- finish up that Taco pic quick!  

I was gonna do an "Invasion of the Smileys" thingee but this board won't allow that many smileys in a single post.  Damn piece of crap.  


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