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Though it can't be seen right now (need to get out of speaking in verse) I do have some updated artwork I have finished and 3 new sketches. I don't have them actually linked to my site as yet as these were Christmas presents for last year that I am trying to finish up for my son and his family. My son and his wife do look at my website so that is why the pics are not actually linked up. I don't want them to see them yet. But, If your REALLY want to take a peak at my new and better works, click below on the link.


There aren't much in this second one as I haven't created any more anthros for a spell. I will eventually and when I do I will get them posted.

I went ahead and updated my main page. I like the new look much better. Better lay out. I also added the "Non-Anthro" page as I don't think my son and his family have been looking at the site much with him working his movie stuff and his wife busy with the 3 kids. So, now all can view my newest additions! I have created 7 in the past couple days. Three of them just this morning.

All sketches right now but I will be coloring them in this coming week and getting them out as the presents they were intended for!

Lookin' good!
I like the pic of the two deer there.

Thank you, Benjamin.

I did notice when I was looking at them last night at a friends house that WS was introducing them to Furtopia and the type of artists there, and I realized that the horns on the deer closest to the viewer were smaller than the other ones. (chuckles) I commented on that aspect of the sketch and our friend just replied, "That is ok, it is the son and the father is showing the kid a couple things about life."

I did take that off-line today as my grandson was looking at one of the pics for 2002 and I didn't want him seeing any of the ones I am doing for their presents. In a couple of days I will be putting it back up.

Well, I finished 4 new pics last night! Phew, almost done with the family pics. They aren't linked to the site because my grandson was looking at some pics of mine and I didn't want him or the other family members seeing their presents before they receive them in the mail. But, if you are interested in checking out the new pieces, click the link below.

2003 - non-anthro art


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