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Ten years ago today...


December 26, 1994
Ten years ago today, I had gotten connected to my first furry resource — the Trap Line BBS, a furry dial-up BBS that was then based in Toronto.
In October of 1994, I had bought myself my first computer — a 486-SX/33 by AST Computers. A friend of mine that was a Mac user gave me a computer paper's listing of BBSs, since I was interested in trying out the online world once I got myself a modem. There was a listing in there for the Trap Line, but I didn't really understand what the description meant aside from the references to animals. Since I've always been a big cat lover, I had to check it out...
For Christmas that year, both my brother Jamie and I got US Robotics 14.4 K fax/modems for gifts... so I immediately started to try it out. I tried a number of BBSs, but managed to connect to The Trap Line on the day after Christmas. Having not known exactly what I was getting into, it was a bit confusing and rough at first to try and figure out the board, but for some reason, I kept going back. Maybe it was the smutty furry artwork that was available...
Anyways, that's about all that there is to say on the subject... so far.

10 years in furry!!
Let's celebrate *raises her mug full of tea*. Does that Trapline forum still exist in one form or another?

Ten years is a long time for most anything, yeah.
As for The Trap Line... I don't think it exists anymore. I sorta know the creator of it, but I don't think he put the board on the web in any form.


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