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Heheh. Just to kick off this forum here, I'd like to give a quick intro about myself...
Some of you likely already know me and are familiar with my artwork. I've been around the fandom for several years, doing numerous things, such as creating my own original artwork, helping organise events, building community web sites, MUCKing like an addict, such and so forth.
My current gallery site is located at, which is a domain name I founded about two and a half years ago when my site was being hosted by a friend in Australia. It's gone through a number of design changes, but the current overall design has perhaps lasted the longest, with just a few graphic changes amongst the many content updates.
As you can see in my artwork, I go for a realistic sort of approach to furry anatomy. That's basically from personal preference and how I feel furs should be represented more as realistic, feasible creatures rather than abstract cartoons. And yes, the colouring job is watercolour paints. I much prefer using real media as opposed to computer generating the colour aspects of my work. In fact, I use Photoshop strictly for graphic design and layout.
I don't draw very often anymore, but I do occasionally keep my skills honed. Most of my time these days goes into building web sites and working on the creative projects that are related to them. You'll probably see me post some updates on graphic designs and web designs here in this forum on occasion.
That's it for now. Enjoy!

I've currently got my signature set to include a link to my bulletin board, BIG cat chit-chat, as well as my LiveJournal. Feel free to check out either of them at any time. The BBS will likely have the more interesting conversations, I believe. LJ's not the best spot for running discussions, from what I can tell.

Been drawing again...
Yeah, I know it's been a long time for me already.
The drawing's for Mejeep, of FurryMUCK... and I've owed it to him for about a year and a half now, since he gave me his sketch book at Feral! in 2001.
Anyways, I'll post the pic once I've got it finished enough to the point that I bother to scan it... and probably after I get his thumbs up on the artwork.

I can already tell you and I are going to be friends! Love the art, love the personality, love the humor and smell of burning hair. SHEET! Pants on fire not good later!

Thanks on all counts there, Midnight... except maybe for the remark about the burning hair. Heh. Keep the open flames AWAY from the mane!


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