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Winter 2005

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First the few things I did during my times of absence in the fall.  These were all commissions...

Ambassador Gwawk

Harem Furs

Gab Panther

And now for my new stuff:

Ulario in Theran Ceremonial Garb

Snow Dragon - My Xmas gift for Kada.

These ones are still on my deviant site, since I was waiting for yerf to come back up before I posted them on VCL.

Vivicia Volpone - The G rated version of the commission I did for moldred.

Queen of the Nile

True Love

*snuggles up to the harem furs*

Such incredible beauty!

The dudes are handsome, the gals absolutely delicious (I sooooo love that version of your fursona)

More stuff... mostly college projects...

Bast - The original of that queen of the nile picture.  Acrylic and Prismacolors on papyrus.

Lord of her Domain - A semi-self portrait rich with sybolism. A gryphoness surrounded by peregrine falcons sits on a gargoyle high above the streets of NYC. A project done for my advanced drawing class last semester

Shaman Girl - A shaman girl with her cougar totem. Watercolor project done for my advanced drawing class last semester.

Alesto in Flight - First picture of Alesto, the kestrel gryphon.

Aredon's Tattoo

Final tattoo design for my character, Aredon.  It spans his entire back, which makes it huge because Ared is a big guy.

Hockey Raven

My half of an art trade.


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