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Definatly is always forgoton in art...where as people still remember Andy Warhol and his stupid Cambel's Soup label art. How many X rated pictures do you remember?

Point is if you want it to be remembered you want some one jerking off to it...x

There's no reason artists can't do both and be remembered for both.

I used to say I would NEVER draw adult stuff. Once I got started drawing them, just to see if I could, I actually enjoyed creating them. Whether others like it or not, I still have the pg artwork. I also have non-anthro as well as anthro but since I am hosting here, it has to be 80% anthro. I mainly do the non-anthro for my family.

I belive in the fact that you draw what you want to draw, and from there, ya can do what you want. ^_^

Don't try to satisfy others, satisfy yourself. Ya don't get what you want if you try and do what others want. ^_^

*nod nod* Quite right... I was just wonderin' about what sort of stuff those who come here wanna see. What I draw will still be mainly what I want to. Since I do draw first and foremost for myself.

As for being known, I don't really care either way. I hardly think I have the talent to be remembered anyhoo ^_^

The whole reason for my page is that I thought I'd share this stuff with others... I had a few friends who seemed to like my doodles, so I thought I'd put 'em up for others to see.


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