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At long last, I have finally managed to get a pop-up free forum. It's about damn time.  

Maybe now my forum will see a little more use. Who knows...

Feel free to post any questions, comments, feedback, etc.

Thanks for visiting!

Heya, Jona.
Good luck with the forum and enjoy it's popup-freeishness.
You'll more than likely catch the attention of at least some of the regulars if nothing else, so it should be very beneficial for ya.

Ello Jona!  Enjoy the forum. I have mine. Don't be dissapointed if no one shows up at first, it takes time.
Anyway, Good luck on everything and if I find anything to comment on I will be sure to put it in here.

Oh Boy!  Yet-another-forum-to-watch.

A nice place to discuss both of your stories.  Now we need a chapter 7 to the other WRC.  

Be good.


I wasn't sure were to put this so I thought I'd breath new life into this topic     Anyway how's it going Jona?  Haven't seen you on AIM resently and am just wanting see what all has been going on and catch up.  I guess this could have waited cause I wont be around for 3 or 4 weeks but hey I'm impatient.  Anyway take care and I'll talk to you later.


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