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*hears silence and watches some sagebrush blow by*

Howdy all! It's time for that random update again!

See here-
G to PG-13

And here- (Warning! Adult material ahead!  )
R to XXX

Well, (giggles) I must say that teddy bear with the cleaver in the back is ..... hmmms... something else! I think that one actually scared me!

I thought the on with the girl drawing and looking at a box on the table but drawing a sexy doggy was cute! Great imagination to get that doggy from that box!

Sonic, Carebears!! They are soooo cute!

Nice job on your artwork, as usual! Great stuff, Justantine!

Wow, thats a pretty good Sonic.

Thanks for the compliments  

The teddy was something I did when I was bored one night... I really like teddy bears and cute things, but every now and again I feel the need to draw that kind of stuff  

The drawing of me and the box is unfortunately all too true... seems like I'm always drawing nude/semi-nude characters, even when I'm supposed to be doing something else. Heheh.. what can I say?  

And that Sonic one was for my nephew, he really likes Sonic stuff.

Very neat stuff! I like your Nun folio.  
Especially how some seemed to be in the same room. Kind of felt like a peep show.  


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