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Hello Furtopia!
« on: September 20, 2020, 03:08:29 pm »
I'm known best around the interwebs as Mizan, I am a 30 year old Christian female from Kentucky. I've been a furry since I was ... well, since I had even the slightest idea what a furry was lol, that started around 15 but I've loved animals and cartoon animals all my life pretty much. I love to draw and art is a huge passion.

My main sona:

She is a shapeshifting alien species of my own creation known as a Corinu, although she usually stays in disguise.

Her primary form is a dog:

My other main sonas are Mapenzi the lioness and Zani the fox:

They're the three mains but I have quite a few more.
You can see my plethora of ocs here:
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Re: Hello Furtopia!
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Re: Hello Furtopia!
« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2020, 09:12:41 pm »
Cute fursonas!
I guess I like Mapenzi the most, but hey all are good!
Glad you made it and I hope you enjoy your time here.
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Re: Hello Furtopia!
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Welcome to Furtopia and enjoy your stay.

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Re: Hello Furtopia!
« Reply #4 on: September 21, 2020, 11:08:09 pm »
Hello and welcome!

As a member of the staff, I'd like to share with you our official welcome, well, call it a brochure. It has some helpful links, some questions to help us get to know you better (some of which you've answered already) and the like. It also covers some basic rules and the other dry crunchy stuff that nobody likes to read, but should.

Here are some introductory questions you can answer if you like:
Mind telling us how you happened upon our friendly community?
How long have you been a furry / known about the fandom?
Do you have a fursona? If so, what is it?
What interests you about the anthropomorphic (furry) fandom?

Hope you enjoy your stay! Be prepared for an onslaught of warm welcoming hugs and pounces from fellow members! If you don't want the hugs, just let us know and your wish will be respected! Click on any of the gold-colored links above or below for further information. ;)

We also have an IRC chatroom you may want to join. Just enter your fursona name and start chatting! If you need help on accessing the Furtopia IRC, please see this thread here: How to use an IRC client

Please take the time to read the Furtopia Forum Posting Rules. This is a PG rated “family friendly” forum. Please also take the time to post your topics in the most appropriate section - it will be greatly appreciated by all. If you have a question or problem, or if you need help with anything on the Furtopia forums, then feel free to contact an Administrator or Moderator via PM (Private Message) or use the Report to Moderator button found in every post. Please let the Admins and Mods handle any problems that arise. :)

You've also come at an exciting time, as our founders are working to once again provide furry web hosting to artists. Word in the forums is that there are some upgrades in store for them as well.

Once again, welcome to the forums! We look forward to having you around. The members here are awesome, the staff is super friendly (just, you know, don't be a jerk), and there is a trove of talented brains to pick as well as ordinary furs like me that enjoy seeing new art and artists.
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