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Voter ID

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Old Rabbit:

--- Quote from: Chipper Blu-wolf on August 17, 2016, 07:11:13 am ---Need photo ID in New York to vote on anything that has a ballot.  They ask for it to confirm you are who you are and that you live in the address they have registered on the sheet.  You can get a state ID card that is not a driver's license.  Price is anywhere from $8 to $19 depending on how long you want the ID active for.  I don't see the big deal about verifying who you are at election time and having to show ID.

--- End quote ---

Price of a photo id probably isn't a problem though some might have do with out a few
meals to get one.  The big problem is some states are using these id laws to limit voting by
the disabled, poor and elderly.. Make it difficult or time consuming to get one. Perhaps travel
many  miles due to the state only haveing a few places to get one.

Here in Missouri it's $11 for one at the same place people renew their auto licenses. I found
it odd that they had to send the information and a digital photo to the state capital. Then
wait for it to be mailed back to you. About 20 years ago they made it right on the spot for
$10 .  Makes me wonder why they changed it, and made it more expensive to process at
the same time. Perhaps it's the cost of the machine that puts a plastic cover on the card.
Would only need one at the capital instead of one for each photo site.

Wlith digital printing these days a person should be able to get online to register send a
photo file with it. Then the county could send you the voter id card with your picture
printed on it. Or go to a physical site to  register where they could print a card on the
spot. It should cost virtually nothing since the person doing the job is paid, busy or not.
The voter id card could have the picture printed on it when you get one.

cause the rat:
As far as I can see it. If a state wants you to have a voter card AND a photo ID then the state should provide both for FREE. There is NO excuse not to.

Old Rabbit:

--- Quote from: cause the rat on August 27, 2016, 02:25:31 pm ---As far as I can see it. If a state wants you to have a voter card AND a photo ID then the state should provide both for FREE. There is NO excuse not to.

--- End quote ---

I agree. If the state feels there is a need and wants the ID then provide them free to
all registered voters.

I really think it's just a scheme to limit voting by minorities. If the GOP would move
back more to the center they would be more competive at the voting booth.Without
having to resort to dirty tricks. 

This country needs a strong 2 party system. Otherwise we are going to end up with some
radical groups trying to get elected to make laws that will limit freedoms to many people
that don't agree with them. People might think it's impossible, but if we move to a very
conservative supreme court many freedoms could disappear. Especially for minorities, gays,
and women.

Today, I saw a political lawn sign that read:


My vote = 1 +
My wife's vote = 1
= 2 votes


My vote = 1  +
3 dead people =
4 votes

I suppose it's possible that some sort of fraud could happen in this election. But I tend not to trust a source that tries to boost its credibility by dropping the nickname of a president who's been dead for over 150 years. Notice how the sign depicts "Honest Abe" as having a spouse who votes along with him, while "Lying Hillary" votes alone, giving the impression that for every legit vote Hillary gets, Trump gets two. It seems to me the real purpose of the sign is to say, "No matter who wins the election, my guy really won."  And the election hasn't even happened yet.

Old Rabbit:
Registered voters are dying all the time. There have been cases where they end up voting, but it's
rare, and would not likely change a state or national election.

Voting polls have people from both parties, and other volunteers. It would be difficult for someone
to pass them selves off as someone else. Also it would bring severe penalties to them as well.

I heard on the news that out of 1 billion votes less than 50 were considered suspicious. That would
cover 5 presidential elections with less than 10 fraudulent votes each.

Trump is crying rigged election because he thinks he may loose..


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