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the polling booth / Re: Are you worried about the Coronavirus?
« Last post by Kobuk on Today at 10:10:40 pm »
The more I read about coronavirus on the news, the more it sickens me to hear all the unvaccinated spewing their conspiracies and how they don't want to get the vaccine. It's people like those who are holding up this nation (and the rest of the world) from getting back to normal. It's the unvaccinated who are making things worse in this country, not better.

Just shut up and take your damn medicine! Quit acting like a bunch of immature and infantile cry babies and suck it up!

general non-furry discussion / Re: The "Bad News" thread.
« Last post by Kobuk on Today at 10:04:13 pm »
My Blu-ray player broke today. Luckily, I had a spare that I hooked up.

Dealing with multiple dental issues the past few days........and pain.  :'( On antibiotics right now, but dealing with a side effect which I'd rather not mention.

Anchor chain on one of my model ships is loose. Have to fix that tomorrow.
the polling booth / Re: Are you worried about the Coronavirus?
« Last post by Jade Sinapu on Today at 07:44:51 pm »
I have not seen a doctor.
Took day off and slept.
Feeling better, so that is good.  Have till monday to get even better I hope.
I will get a rapid test tomorrow anyway. 
general non-furry discussion / Re: The "Bad News" thread.
« Last post by Jade Sinapu on Today at 07:43:04 pm »
My teeth pain seems linked to sinus pressure.  Which has been bad lately.
Getting better, took today off.

My bad news is that work is piling up when I take time off.
the polling booth / Re: What will be Kobuks next fursuit?
« Last post by Jade Sinapu on Today at 07:41:55 pm »
A hairy dolphin?

Honestly, I hope he is just a nice looking husky!
Let's put glitter on him.


Kobuk, I was slightly joking.  It would be cool to do a go-fund-me.  But how could we do it?  I do not know how to start one, nor how to link it to you IRL.  I mean, what would happen if there was a go-fund-me page for "Guy needs new husky fursuit". 
Nope, I won't do anything.

A few times, I wanted to send furs here some greeting cards, like Christmas cards etc, physical ones, but there was never a way.
So I can't even buy you a suit and ship it to you. 
Must preserve furry identity.

the polling booth / Re: What will be Kobuks next fursuit?
« Last post by cause the rat on Today at 03:36:32 pm »
After a long time in thought about this. ( I saw it listed in the " show unread posts sense last visit " ) I think I have the answer. A hairy dolphin!

If Democrats acted anything like the GOP, the republicans would be claiming
the Democrats care nothing for the people of this country. If Trump had been a
Democrat, the GOP would have tried to impeach him during his first year in
office. If Democrat governors treated the people of their states the way GOP
governors have, they all would be up for recall elections. If there was evidence
the Democrats had any thin to do with the January 6 attack on the U S capital the
GOP would be trying to remove them from office in stead of trying to  cover up
their own involvement.

This isn't the first time in American history where the GOP has tried to take
singular control of the country. This could mean the demise of the party if the
people realize the GOP is out to get rid of our federal system in favor of a
autocratic dictatorship.

The sad thing about Trump is he doesn't care about his supporters. Oh he
pretends to care, but if he was to become an autocratic dictator these supporters
would suddenly find Trump's support for them gone. Trump decided to blame the
current president for leaving high tech hardware in Afghanistan. This is totally
hypocritical because he was getting ready to do the very same thing on May 1 if he
had been re elected. Also the hardware we left behind was rendered useless and
if would be very difficult and expensive to make the high tech equipment useful 
again. Much less the training needed to  operate it.

The terrible thing about  his speech is it was more about him than those who have
suffered over the last 20 years since 9-11. His speeches always follow this line. It's
always about him and the fantasy of his greatness. Sadly his supporters continue
to see Trump as the nations savior. When in reality Trump cares nothing about
anyone, but himself.  If the GOP foolishly nominate Trump to run for president
again, and loses, we can be sure he will attempt to claim it was stolen from him
once again, because he hates to lose, much less admit it.  He is claiming  the GOP
recall loss in California  was due to voter fraud, even though the loss was
nearly 2 to one.  It seems the GOP plans to claim voter fraud even when the loss is big.
In reality the only time voter fraud would have any validity is in a close election,
not in a virtual landslide.
general non-furry discussion / Re: The "Bad News" thread.
« Last post by Kobuk on September 15, 2021, 10:56:04 pm »
Got into a scrape with a semi on Tuesday. Damage is cosmetic and the car is drivable. No tickets were issued.
Wow Rocket!  That was close!

My bad news is that my teeth hurt really bad.  IDK why.

Time to see a dentist?
the polling booth / Re: Are you worried about the Coronavirus?
« Last post by Kobuk on September 15, 2021, 10:54:56 pm »
I am sick and getting sicker.
I can't shake what this is, and I was vaccinated.
I hope I have a cold.  If I were not in the midst of a pandemic, I would just assume it was a cold.

So yeah, Covid-19 worries me, even if I am pretty sure I do not have it.
It adds more randomness to my day.

Have you talked to your doctor at all about your condition? Even if you do get covid and have been vaccinated, the symptoms should not be as severe and you may not need to be in a hospital. Also, you should definately NOT go to work if you have covid otherwise you could inadvertantly make other people sick. Or.......maybe you just came down with a case of the flu?
the polling booth / Re: What will be Kobuks next fursuit?
« Last post by Kobuk on September 15, 2021, 10:50:47 pm »
We should start a go-fund-me for Kobuks next suit!
Animatronics included.

Whether joking or real, please don't do that. Eventually, I'll get a new suit. It's just going to take more time than I thought.
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