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Kay Alett:
Time for an update I think.

The stove is working out better than I could have even hoped for. It's so nice being able to cook again, granted most of what I do is just heat up canned food that is already cooked but the point is that i can make more varieties of meals.

I've been enjoying mac and cheese quite a bit lately heh. Nothing fancy and it's taken some compromises that lead to a need to develop an "acquired taste" for it. I'm using the really cheapo Walmart brand mac, in place of milk I'm using powdered milk, the cheese powder it comes with is just okay so I decided to improve upon it with some velveeta.

Rice boiled in broth and topped with gravy with quite tasty, especially if you add in a can of roast beef or chicken.

My usual go to for meat is SPAM. I love SPAM, always have.
Cube it and mix it with baked beans, cut it into patties and fry it with a little cheese and put it on grilled bread for a great sammich. Cut into strips, fry it put it on a hot dog bun with ketchup and mustard or a little chili. All time great for survival food.

I'm gonna try and get ahold of a big can of powdered eggs so i can start having a nice hearty breakfast.

I been enjoying the heck out of my new gaming system, it's called a retroid pocket 3+ running an emulator called retroarch. I can play everything i grew up playing again. Nes, genesis, TG16, dreamcast, sega cd ps1, ps2, gamecube, all the gameboys, it's fantastic. And since it's basically a kind of a modified smartphone it charges exactly like my phone.
Tbh I'm still in awe over how technology has advanced from when i was a kid and this system is like magic to me.

My neighbor Kathy finally stopped using her large ice chest which really wasn't doing her any good because she kept it in the doorway of her trailer where the sun always hit it.

That's pretty much it as far as things are around here. Just a day to day survival challenge.

Jade Sinapu:
I have been wondering... what's a person to do for bathroom breaks? Sorry just curious.

Kay Alett:

--- Quote from: Jade Sinapu on June 15, 2023, 08:55:55 pm ---I have been wondering... what's a person to do for bathroom breaks? Sorry just curious.

--- End quote ---
It's okay. Basically you get a thing at Walmart called a camp toilet which is like a toilet seat and lid that plugs on over a standard 5 gallon bucket.
I'll let you figure out where things go from there.
The best thing to do is use a garbage bag to line your bucket for ease of cleaning.

EDIT: Additional - Standard practice out here is to bury your waste.

Kay Alett:
Sooooo much to tell everyone where do i begin?

Sorry about being gone but first I had to get my login info back. Thanks Weissman!

So back in September 1st I unfortunately lost everything I had. My tent, my transformers collection, my new stove, everything except for my car, phone and some solar panels and batteries.
(EDIT: I neglected to clarify that this was a flash flood that hit the whole Slabs and the nearby town of Niland)

I also very nearly drowned!

Just outside of my camp was a canal that i had been swimming in it was probably about 12 feet deep from the road to the very bottom of the canal. That entire thing was under a couple of feet of water.
I got caught by the current and washed into a line of trees. I could feel the current trying to pull me under the trees and I was having debris pile up against me.
With everything I had i pulled myself out screaming at myself "I have survived the desert! I have outlasted hurricanes and I will not be beaten by mere hedge and shrubbery!"

I got out only to be dragged by the current out of camp, through the driveway, across the road and over the canal to the opposite bank. I managed to grab some plant thing that was under the water but sticking out of the ground and kept myself from getting carried out into the wider desert.
I sat in that freezing current for about an hour or so just trying to ride it out. Once i started to feel the initial effects of hypothermia i swam against the current, back across the canal and clawed my way back to camp...

And that's when the real trouble was to come.

Kay Alett:
My neighbor kathy decided the very next day that she was going to leave the Slabs. Unfortunately the road was a fine mess of mud and quicksand so she called paramedics and they brought a helicopter into our camp. Telling me to watch her camp and her dogs.

She didn't come back. Because it turns out she called her son who came and got her and took her up north, leaving me here, alone, holding the bag and on the hook for all her stuff and dogs.

Since I was alone my other close neighbor, a guy named Tinman, started to steal stuff every time i left camp for food and water and with the road washed out no vehicles could get to me. So i just had to do what I could to keep the wolves from getting my stuff.

Once Tinman was done picking the bones of camp he threatened me with arson if i didn't get out...


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