Author Topic: Cool and easy cookie/squares recipie  (Read 1793 times)

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Cool and easy cookie/squares recipie
« on: January 26, 2006, 07:54:10 pm »
Ok here's a simply recepie for sme cookies/squares whatever one wants to call them. Oh and btw im sorry but i dont have exact directions, so go by common sence  '<img'>

Anyway, What you need is oatmeal or just oats, brown shuger, butter, chocolate chips, and some penut butter (dont need too much). Oh and an oven pan, not a cookie sheet pan, you need it to have some depth, As you will be laying all this down the full width of the pan.

First you get your oats/oatmeal, and since we have no mesurements just spread them around the pan evenly till you get it to one inch high,  or more if you like. Now that youve done that put it all in a mixing boul. Get a few sticks of butter, how many depending on how much oas you have and how crumbply or hard you want it to be. Melt the butter, ppur over the oats and mix, Also, add the brown shugar while you are doing this. Again, idk how much you need, and it depends on how much oats you have, but i do know that you need quite a bit. After you are done with that put and even out the mis in the pan, then set the oven to around... oh #### forgot, i think it's 430, for about 10-15 minutes.

In the meantime get your penut better and chocolate chips. Again, you may want to mesure the chips before you do all this by laying them down on the pan before the oats go in. So anyway put them in a boul, then put that in he microwave till mostly melted, then add a few tablespoons of penut better, how much depending on how much you like penut better, but do not add a very large amount. then mix that, put back in the microwave till its all melted, and mix well.

After the mix has been in there for 10-15 minutes, take it out, and pour the chocolate mix over it evenly, make shure its all coverd. Then put back in the oven for not too long, till it has solidifies a bit. After you take it out, slice it immeadeatly into squares and let cool. It can be served at room tempature or cold. I best like it cold.

Enjoy  '<img'> .
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