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Ice Cream Sundaes


Anybody like ice cream sundaes? I do once in a while. :)  Anyway, what are your favorite toppings? What are your favorite places to go for ice cream sundaes or banana splits?

When this comes to a close I vote someone makes the sundae with the highest voted ingredients and takes pictures!!!

cause the rat:
Love me some ice cream. Here's where i really miss not being able to eat chocolate. Love chocolate and peanuts on soft serve vanilla ice cream. It's been almost 30 years but I can still remember the flavor.

I pretty much like everything in the poll except for caramel and butterscotch toppings, and chopped nuts. I also pretty much stick to only chocolate, vanillia, or strawberry ice cream. Mint or mint chocolate chip might be ok, but I very rarely ever have it.


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