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The "Good News" thread.

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No matter where we go or what we do or what we read, there always seems to be bad news everywhere. :( Take for example, today. All I ever heard on the bus while going to go grocery shopping or going home, was people complaining and whining about the economy, lost jobs, war in Afghanistan, or some other bad news.
It really irks me when all I ever read, see, and hear is more and more depressing news. :( I really get tired of it. And all it ever does is start to bring me down as well. I never seem to hear much good and happy news with people or the world. Have Americans suddenly become "addicted" to bad news all of a sudden?

So here's a thread where we can discuss happy and good things that have happened to us and/or others. :)
* Birthdays
* Weddings
* Promotions
* Getting an A+ on a term paper.
* Winning an award during a competition.
........etc., etc., etc.
Let's see if we can bring a bit of happiness and a smile to everyone here and share stories of something that made you happy or something else that was good somewhere.

Maybe not exactly news but I was at a 21st/90th birthday party at the weekend and my 16 month old god daughter danced from 7.00pm straight through to 1.00am, the life and soul of the party without a doubt all she was missing was the glow sticks.

I dunno if this qualifies, but I finally got a new video game from Gamestop: Resonance of Fate. It's a bit different from normal RPGs, but I gotta say, it is awesome. Totally recommend it for anyone looking for a good game. ._.

Brought my newborn daughter home from the hospital Sunday. :) I love my little family. <3

Congratulations Brent!!  ^_^


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