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What will be Kobuks next fursuit?

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Jade Sinapu:
Choose what u think Kobuk will be next!

 :D LOL! 

Right now, I'm only in the very early stages of trying to get another suit. I have the design done, but the suit won't be built/finished, etc. for at least 5-7 years.........if it even happens.  :o
Gonna take a long while to save up $4,000 or more to get the suit commissioned. Anything can happen between now and AC2026 to derail my plans.

Let me narrow down your list a bit:
Hybrid - No
Dutch Angel Dragon - No
Robotic - No
Skunk - No
Kirian - What the heck is that?

Varg the wanderer:
Badger! Show that Wisconsin pride!  ;)

cause the rat:
Furry icebox surprise!  :D


--- Quote from: cause the rat on July 18, 2019, 04:57:52 am ---Furry icebox surprise!  :D

--- End quote ---

I could go as a giant refrigerator mascot. Design it so that there's a door with a compartment inside with Dew in it, and hand out bottles of Dew.  :D


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