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Adastra Visual Novel Story
« on: April 13, 2021, 03:36:45 pm »
I'll Start this off by saying that this visual novel is NSFW 18+ if you decide to go and play it

Well I got done with this visual novel and wanted to know if anybody else has gone through this VN. This is kind of a review since I'll put a spoiler area since i will be talking about the ending and the story as a whole.

Adastra is a masterpiece of storytelling and really makes you believe the characters are real. In fact I would say this visual novel does a really good job at making you get attached to the characters/making them believable.

The story is a wild ride of love, romance, drama, and leaves you craving more of the story and the world you're in with these characters. It leaves with a void in your heart and makes you miss the characters you meet.

Spoiler: show
The ending is something of Bitter Sweet. There are choices you make. I chose the positive ending. The choice "what is death?" I chose Infinity. Next one "Would Amicus make a good Emperor? I chose yes. The last and final one "Will you submit to the benevolence of the parents?" I chose yes.

The part that made me cry was when you get to see what happens if you follow "The Parents" plan and after 8 years go by. You establish and introduce Earth to Adastra. You get to see what the future with Amicus will look like. How you'll grow old together and die happily in each other's arms.  How the 8 years will go by very quickly.  You come back changed and so has Amicus. How you help change and help the galaxy.

It gives a good broad understanding of what the future will look like. The ending leaves you with (You the main character), beginning your first task after Amicus leaves, and taking your first step into the 8 years ahead of you. The end made me wish you got to see Amicus more and spend time with him.

I honestly will probably play through the Sequel of the game Khemia and the Side story DLC of Interea. Interea looks at the trip you take around Adastra before you leave back to Earth. The story briefly glosses over it.

Khemia and the rest of its story is currently under way. It isn't complete since the author is on Hiatus and deciding what to do with the rest of the universe of Adastra. I can only hope we get to see another game involving you the MC, gets to reunite after the 8 years away and we get to see a brief part of their story into their lives later on. The vision briefly gives a timeline of what they do. I can only hope but if not, I'm fine with what I've been given.

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