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Are you worried about the Coronavirus?

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As of this posting, at least 95,000+/- people have been infected with the coronavirus around the world. The majority of them primarily being in China. And of that amount being infected, at least 3,000+/- have died. Again, the majority being in China.

How worried are you about this new infection that's being spread around the world? How prepared are you for it?  What are your concerns, questions, fears about this new epidemic?

cause the rat:
So for the virus has the same amount of deaths in elderly and those with pre existing medical conditions as pneumonia. With a survival rate of better than 96%.  It's also got the very same spreadability as any other flue virus. Not knocking the severity of it. Or those who have it and will get it. Just not enjoying the amount of over the top hype some news agencies are using to get ratings. Fox just claimed the coverage is being 'weaponized' to attack trump. Everyone's reporting how many and how fast. No one is reporting survival rate.

Jade Sinapu:
I guess I don't get how corona virus news had anything to do with Trump. 

I worry some because I live with someone with a depressed/ compromised immune system.  I'm afraid I might bring it home to them.

I guess the 1 or 2 things that bother me about this coronavirus is that I've read a few scattered reports that say about 20,000+/- people have recovered from the virus in China and elsewhere, but nobody is saying how? Everything about the coronavirus in the news is negative. Nothing positive. How did these people recover? What were they doing or taking?

Something else I've never seen the news question and report on is if this coronavirus was something that accidentally or intentionally was released from a bio-warfare lab? Could it be something the military was testing? It's no secret that China, Russia, North Korea, the U.S., and other countries test bio-warfare agents.

Jade Sinapu:
 My folks said it was reported to be a swine virus that mutated to affect humans. 

I've also heard that it's very virulent, meaning high 90% chance you will get infected from it, but it is not a serious killer like H1N1flu pandemic.  I guess many who get it, get ill, and then recover naturally through immune system response.

I would check out CDC and other reputable sites.

My work place is requiring all who travel to not go to China,  Japan,  parts of Asia,  parts of Europe,  and to also tell employer if a family member does do that.
My work place even sent out corona virus flyers


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