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Are you a SPAM eater or not? Last time I ever had that "unidentifiable meat"  :D was over 40 years ago when I was a kid. I think I preferred it fried.
But I don't eat it any more.

Kay Alett:
*starts singing Weird Al's SPAM song*

Yeah you could say I enjoy it. I prefer the bacon flavored SPAM most but it's all good to me. I had a friend react rather negatively once when I was fixing SPAM for myself and they saw this jellied fat that was on the meat (it's a byproduct of the cooking process since SPAM is cooked inside of a sealed can)
So just to poke fun, and because I'm a Red Dwarf fan I told them "Nothing wrong with SPAM. Full of goodness, full of vitamins, full of marrowbone jelly."
(which is a nod to Holly's remark about dog's milk)

Beag L. Howler:
I've never specifically had SPAM, but I've had off brand canned ham and I remember liking it as a kid.

Adds SPAM sandwiches to the menu at my cafe for Kay.  :D

Kay Alett:
Here's some ideas for folks if you want to add a little SPAM to your life.

Summer is coming up why not fire up the grill, get some hickory flavored SPAM and slice it lengthwise. Grill it, then cut those grilled patties in half and put them into a hotdog bun and add toppings as you like.

Dice it up into little bits and add it to a pizza with some pepperoni, hamburger and sausage.

Get you a slicer that can cut your SPAM really thin and fry it along with your breakfast. SPAM and eggs, SPAM and biscuits, bacon and SPAM.
Anything ham can do SPAM can do just as good.


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