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Should I stay or should I go now?

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Jade Sinapu:
To be honest, I am asking this weird question, because sometimes I am known to have a bit of self-doubt.
And maybe I asked this before?  But I do not remember.

Just as it sounds.  Should I leave furry fandom, or stay?

I have enjoyed fursuiting, especially in snow.  Conventions are fun at times.
Some art and stories are really awesome!  I want to write one too.  I have ideas.  And I would attempt to draw the characters, but only one per, not lots of illustrations or something.

Why I feel like I should leave are these

* Mobility is less than I would like for fursuiting.  I am talking about my body , not the suit.
* I wanted a realistic suit, and have one, but it seems to not be what some care for. 
* There is a lot of drama at times, and I do not care for that.
* Conventions are expensive
* I do not like travel
* My local furgroup is sort of asleep, and the more active one is 100 miles north.
* I am not what you call a young pup.
* Someone called me a "daddy" which does not at all depict me.  So I do not like being stereotyped in any way. ( I am not judging, it is a term that does not apply to me)
* I am on the asexual spectrum I would say, and it seems NO one else is or something... IDK, maybe I need to reach out more?
Reasons I want to hang around are...
* I love seeing some art furs conjure up, it is like magic , and I do mean SFW
* Stories are crazy cool and unique.  You can't get this content out side of furry
* I love suits, love seeing them, and the raves are cool with the great music and lights and suits, and pure exhaustion.
* Conventions, once I get into the mind set, are fun and good distraction from normal life.
* On average the furs I meet are good people.

Jade Sinapu:
So how would you vote?
If you have doubts, what makes you stay?  What are your favorite things in furry fandom?

cause the rat:
I have no furry crushes. The only furry art I have is a few pics drawn by friends and con badges. I don't have a rep sheet for my fursona. I'm an artists but don't do furry art. I'm a musician but have no desire to do furry music. I can afford but do not want anything to do with a fursuit. I don't go to furmeets and have decided not to attend this years local furcon. I will not wear ears and a tail. I don't have a house full of furry things. I'm not into plushies. I don't have a collection of anthro movies. Seen Zootopia once and that's enough for me. I've never watched Disney's 'Robin Hood' and have no desire to. The only involvement I have with this fandom is this forum and a single facebook page.  And the cherry on the top of all of this. Cause the Rat is a rat. However I can't stand rats. I find them repulsive. Even with none of that I'm still a furry. When I was three years old my imaginary friend was Yogi Bear. I've been fascinated with anthro characters all my life. However this fascination is not the center of my life. It's a part of it.  There is no criteria to being. No quota or bar to reach. Therefore I am a furry.

This isn't something anyone else can answer

Jade Sinapu:
I suppose you are correct Cause.
It is just, that,  sometimes I'm not sure and am looking for ideas.
I Do have 1 fursuit crush and I'm not telling who it is. It came unexpectedly. 

I have plushies,  wish I had my Carebear I had from long long ago  ( vintage), I do suit despite it being hard hot and tiring.  But the cost is still something I regret.
I do have a few furry art pieces on the wall.
I'm also in the therian crowd due to how my life progressed and all the weird wolf dreams.

I guess I'm in too deep to get out now,  haha!

Sometimes I just wonder... do I belong anyway?
Self doubt creeps in.

In the end I'm just a guy who likes some anthropomorphic  animal stuff.
Seems to me, many furries have to be "special" in some way to be fully accepted by the fandom.
Be it in the form of a non binary sexuality/ identity,  mentally different in unexplainable ways,   or... something.  But I'm none of that. I wonder if I'm too normal to be really a fur.   And if I have to be THAT level of different,  and I can not,  I'll just go. I don't want to change me.  What you see is what you get.  In real life the only difference is I don't wear my suit.  I don't do furry videos, I'm not in social media really,  etc. 

I'm a ham radio operator,  engineer, rock and mineral collector,  DIY'er, mountain biker,  shade tree auto mechanic,  dreamer,  part time lousy artist,  average Joe who sometimes suits up as a dog.  Because I like the breed,  was saved from death 2 times by GSD's, and raised 2 and going on 3.

But no one cares.  They would rather me be very colorful,  a different sexual orientation, and all over social media. 

Well that's not me.

I guess I need to come to some decision and either stay on as I am,  or go.
I wound be saddened to lose the friends I've made here.

People often say you are a fur if you think you are/ say you are. In a technical way this is true,  but in a practical way I think it's possibly not so true.  The large group does seem to enforce an underwritten rule of the club and you are judged.  By a group who touts judgment free zones. 
Maybe I'm blowing this out of proportion.

cause the rat:
Jade, your not blowing anything out of proportion. You've come to a real conclusion. People, no matter what their age, are childish. That's every fandom and every social group. Labels, pronouns and every other self serving importance needy people need to feel better in their own skin. Proudly labeling themselves and judging who they label around them. Looking for a safe place to defend their individuality by beating everyone else down who isn't as special as they are.  Observe it from afar my friend. Laugh at their heated absurdity. Watch them defend and fight with nothing more than self importance. Fighting nothing with nothing for nothing. Because when you don't have anything else a self imposed label is all you are. You've got a lot going for you Jade. Contemplation is a sign of maturity. More people need that.


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