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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #1825 on: February 10, 2021, 01:53:17 pm »
Sometimes I wish there was a way to have a non human entity to setup rules for us all.
Say a alien with the power and intelligence to bring the people of the world together  in
peace and prosperity. A dream unfortunately, but I fear humanity will destroy it's
self before it become smart enough to create a world of peace.  Because the human
brain is for it's self, and only intellect can overcome that instinctual self desire.

This is why I love the ending to the 2000 game Deus Ex. I'll mark a spoiler for anyone who doesn't want to know but if you play games I encourage you to play it.

Spoiler: show
By the end of the game you encounter an AI called Helios that is not only connected to the internet, it IS the internet. It takes control of everything connected to the net even tangentially. It shuts down China's roadblocks to Hong Kong, it locks the triads in their headquarters effectively opening up free trades and shutting down organized crime. It begins radically reshuffling the entire landscape of human society on the basic levels but while the AI knows how to run things it doesn't really understand people, their wants, their desires, their fears.

So it explains that it wants to merge itself with the player character, it doesn't want to take over his mind and body it want to merge in order to understand human nature so that it can better provide for the world. It IS the internet and it is nearly sentient, with data mining algorithms and wireless cameras it can see everything, know everything, it can give people anything they want but it doesn't have understanding and empathy and compassion on a human level. It wants that so that it predict what humanity will want and need and it can only do that if it merges with a human mind, yours.

The player character is understandably uncertain and asks what will happen to him if he merges with the AI to which Helios tells him "You will be, who you will be. We are our choices. We can choose to lead the world out of this darkness." And so the player character goes through with it, merging his mind with Helios, becoming one with the internet, an all knowing and nearly omnipresent entity. The games ends saying "If there was no god, it would be necessary to invent him. Effectively saying that you the player have now effectively become god of this world.

A benevolent dictator who provides for the people without serving itself first and foremost would be fantastic. An entity that has no further goal beyond the health and safety and wellbeing of people and doesn't ask anything in return. Not payment, not sacrifice, not worship.
Yet I fear humans would inevitably find a way to mess it up. That's just how we can be.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #1826 on: February 12, 2021, 12:08:51 pm »

The GOP senators are wanting to use the fact Trump is no longer in office as an
excuse to not vote to convict him. We should remember Moscow Mitch purposely shut
the senate down to give GOP senators this way out, because they had enough time
prior to January 20 to finish the impeachment process.

It is sad to see these political cowards sitting with their plans to allow Trump a path to
be elected again. He will likely lose again, but if and when he does, he will likely
repeat his claim of the election being fraudulent as he did in 2020, and his supporters
may be even worse the second time around, and really attack state capitals as claimed
in early January of this year.

Many of these senators lived through world war 2 and the Korean war. If our soldiers
were as cowardly as they are today, we would not have a democracy, and they have no
right to be called honorable.

It is very sad to see people following a man like Trump. When he is telling a crowd
he is for them, it's a lie. When he says WE, he really means ME, and I hope those
who follow him, figure it out very soon.

Trump is just part of the issue. Because he is just riding a wave of discontented 
people who fear minorities are going to steal control of the country away from good
white Americans. Sadly racism by white people has existed in this country ever since
the days where slave ships brought black people from Africa.  Held naked in chains,
these people were sold to wealthy whites who used them for cheap slave labor.
Unfortunately slaves were seen as little more than animals by people in towns and 
rural communities.

and Since they had little opportunity to wear good clothes and worked around animals.
They often smelled bad with little or no chance for education. People didn't want them
around and soon people treated them much the same as the animals they worked with.

This of course led many to think people of color were of a lower breed. Especially
ignorant whites who thought of them selves superior to the colored race. This of course
caused people to create laws that made life worse for the black man. Much as it did for
the red man who whites saw as savages.
People often look down on anyone who looks different, or is of another culture. Also
people like to blaim others for their problems, so they pick on those who are different.
Especially immigrants. During the mid 19th century Americans were opposed to Irish   
immigrants as well as those from China. Mostly because they were different.

It has been over 55 years since I was in high school, so I really don't know if there is
any classes to educate young people about respecting people of different races or
culture. There certainly was none when I was in school. The closest was on citizenship
which was mostly about government. Unless we educate young people to respect
each other, they are going to mostly follow the ways of their parents. Who in many
cases are going to teach by example, and if the parents think of themselves as better
than minorities or immigrants, their children will likely feel the same. 

Trump saw racism as a way to gain support from the masses, because he knew most
people  would follow  him if he played to their hate for immigrant, minorities, and was
against those with life styles or religions they didn't like. As his campaign continued he
worked to make people believe he would work to stop anything his supporters didn't
like. So over time he became a hero to the discontented people of this country.  He
picked the GOP's flag to run under because of their obvious racial overtones. I wonder
how many of his supporters know in the not to distant past, he had been a Democrat,
 and supported abortion. I expect he originally switched to the GOP because the
Democrats  elected a black man for president. Something he hated, being a racist

It will be difficult to turn people away from a man or party they see supporting their
wishes. Many of them don't realize Trump is leading them down a path of destruction
that is designed for his benefit, instead of theirs. I am not sure how to change their
minds, but several of the rioters are finding out that Trump duped them into breaking
the law for his benefit, and not theirs. Even friends and family are turning against these
rioters, and Trump. So perhaps it's a seed that will grow to defeat Trump and his 
plans to turn our country into an autocracy with him as it's permanent leader. 

Hopefully, truth, justest, and the American way will mean something to the GOP again.
If not they will end up in the trash bin of history. Where all bad organizations belong.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #1827 on: February 12, 2021, 04:19:14 pm »
Hopefully, truth, justest, and the American way will mean something to the GOP again.
If not they will end up in the trash bin of history. Where all bad organizations belong.

I know a fair few folk who are republican that voted democrat in the latest election, not because they believed in the left's views but just because they didn't like what the right has become. To those people I've been saying "Republicans by themselves are not the problem. It's the rot, the hate, the greed and the gluttony for power that has become the problem." And of them I've said "You wanna be a republican, fine, that's your choice but please continue voting democrat till your party gets its act together and gets denazified."

I got no problem with people voting right because of their personal views, that's their choice, but to just ignore the corruption and the radicalism that's taken hold in the GOP as they claw and scrape to squeeze as much power for themselves as they can is what I hate. The attitude of "I've always voted republican, I ain't stopping now" is idiotic. You might as well be calling yourself a southbound Zax.

If you don't know the reference read Dr. Seuss' book The Sneeches the story of the Zax is basically a political parable about two creatures who refuse to make any compromises in their views or behaviors and as a result they are locked forever in a stalemate, never moving while the world around them changes and progresses but the two Zax, frozen in place by their stubborn attitudes remain fixed because neither will move out of the others way. If they would just make the tiniest compromise they might get something done but they refuse.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #1828 on: February 13, 2021, 04:45:13 pm »
Trump aquitted..........again, during his second impeachment trial.  :o I kind of figured this might happen. He mainly got aquitted because the majority of Senate Republicans believed that it was unconstitutional to impeach a person who is no longer president.

Trump still doesn't get a "Get out of jail free" card though. He still has a reckoning with his taxes, properties, and so forth. Gonna be fun to watch that happen.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #1829 on: February 14, 2021, 01:16:13 pm »
Yes Trump got the GOP to stand by him once more. Most likely with primary  threats.

Now he will have to deal with many court actions against him. But with high priced  lawyers he will drag them out
as long as possible. This  is how he has wiggled his way out of trouble in the past, but time will tell.

The Democrats should use the 14th amendment against him as it only requires a simple majority
in both houses to invoke. This would at least stall any attempt by Trump to start a re-election plan.

Trump may just try to get a Republican elected in 2024, but I think that will be a hard sell, as his supporters
mostly want or trust him as president.

As long as the GOP put party over country they are a danger to democracy, and should be opposed.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #1830 on: February 17, 2021, 12:42:40 pm »

As usual the party of Trump is up to no good. The GOP governor  of Texas  is wanting
to blame the power failure effecting millions is the fault of the Democrats and their push
for clean energy. In fact the clean energy wind farms were doing better than those of
coal, and gas. The real fault was the privately operated power grid covering 14 states
of the central U S failed due to the extreme cold, and high demand. 

As it turned out much of the power plants, including wind generators lacked proper
winter protection. Blades for wind generators had blades designed for mild
temperatures to save money.  So instead of being able to deal with ice many had to
be shut down.

The GOP's push for private industry over government often doesn't  work due to private
industries desire for profit over spending the money needed to handle emergencies.
Southern coal, and gas power plants apparently broke down due to the cold freezing
needed water lines. If they had been insulated or otherwise protected the plants may
have not failed. But that would have cost more, and as usual private industry cares
more about profit than preventing problems. They do try to plan for highest expected
loads, but apparently not for zero degree temperatures.

I am in favor of private industry, but they must be regulated, especially when they
provide products or service that protects public lives and property. A big problem with
the GOP is they have a habit of looking the other way if big business offers them
money to do so. This wouldn't be such a problem if we had term limits to keep power
hungry people from trying to make a career out of government service.

This desire by Trump and the GOP to protect the profits of big business is a big reason
covid19 has killed so many. Trump feared this virus would hurt his chance for
re-election and the stock market. So he and the GOP didn't push for anything that
might cost profits for their big business supporters. This greatly slowed response to
produce masks and other products that could protect people from the virus, and of
course Trump lied wanting to cover it all up. 

We can expect Trump and his GOP friends to do all they can to blame  the Democrats
for any and all problems the Biden administration may run into. Even if it was caused
by Trump and the GOP to begin with.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #1831 on: February 20, 2021, 12:57:21 pm »

Unfortunately the people of Texas are suffering power and water losses due to
extreme cold weather. Seems the GOP is trying to shift blame to Democrats over
their move toward clean energy. When in reality the GOP by setting up a independent
power grid for most of Texas, to avoid federal regulations that would have required
more protection from severe cold, all to save money in their attempt to gain votes.

I am sure the GOP will continue to lie in their attempt to cover up their bad decisions,
I wouldn't be surprised if Trump adds his voice to blame Democrats as well. After all
if the GOP lost Texas support, they would find it hard to  win senatorial  elections.
 Especially presidential elections.

It is sad people continue to support the GOP. Any party that is out to cut government
have no interest in support of public needs. Instead they push toward private business
who cares more about profit, which leaves many people to do without. Yes people
should work to protect them selves, but  many times due to sickness, disability, or
 accidents are unable to do so.

Sadly the GOP lies to gain votes, I am not a fan of abortion, but women's rights should
be protected. Radicals continue to claim the unborn must be protected from the
moment of conception, and wish to put doctors in jail, even though they are only
following the wishes of the  woman. Fearing the loss of votes by women, the GOP
won't pass laws against women for having abortions even though it's always due
to a woman's wishes, and not the doctor. If abortion is made illegal again, women will
still get abortions, even if they have to do it them selves, putting their lives at risk.

Radicals don't want to admit more women had abortions prior to them being made
legal, and to be sure the GOP will continue working to make abortion illegal  again
to gain votes. Even though many rich members of the GOP will help their wives 
and girlfriends get abortions, even if they have to leave the country to get one. We can
only wonder how many women Trump helped to  get abortions over the years.

Will the GOP split into one for Trump, and one without Trump? It's a hard question 
because party leaders know a split could end their control of the government for years
to come. Just a loss of a small percentage of voters could mean the lost of a lot of
elections with a party split.

Over the past 5 years about 25% of the GOP is either going independent or to the
Democrats. That's bad news for a party that is already doing well to get 45% voter
support. Were they to fall back to even 40%, they would be in serious trouble without
strong candidates running for office. Candidates that would draw votes from
independents as well. Radical candidates would find it almost impossible to win any
elections. As most moderates won't vote for them.

The GOP knows if they can keep the Democrats from passing bills that help
people, it will make it easier for them, because most people want to see work being
done and will vote for those that appear to be doing so, and not for those who don't.
I find it interesting that the GOP ignore the wishes of their voters for public aid, but are
willing to vote to help their rich supporters. So they lie to their voters to cover up the
GOP's dirty work. I wish the GOP would return to honest work, and ignore the rich who
care little for the peoples needs. Their support of ignorant people who fail to understand
what is good for the country harms us all. Instead of lies the GOP should tell the truth.
Which would help them, and the country.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #1832 on: February 21, 2021, 12:41:43 pm »

Good old Ted Cruz went to Mexico so he and his family could enjoy 80 degree weather,
while his fellow Texans froze in zero temperatures without electricity or water.  At
least till he realized they saw him go. Then he hurried back, and  started to make all 
kinds of excuses, just like all good GOP politicians  do. Then while he was making all
those excuses Democrats were out raising money to help their fellow Texans. I hope
Texans remember how the GOP treated them the next time they vote.

Trump hasn't said much over the last month of being out of office. There is a big GOP
convention soon to start. I have a hunch he will be called to speak to those attending.
They best have their lie blinders on, because you can be sure most of his words will
be lies about his election loss, and how they need him to take back government.
Actually I think the best thing the GOP can do is tell Trump to return to his golf course
and stay there. They should remember that nearly every GOP politician Trump tried to
help get elected, lost.

It seems the GOP is wanting to step back 150 years to another time when a party 
aught to overturn elections. Sadly now as then it was to stop African Americans from
gaining political power. It wasn't long after the civil war that due to political 
manipulations, the federal government pulled troops out of southern states. With
these troops gone whites kicked African Americans out, who had won elections in
local, and state governments. Then with the help of the K K K blacks were intimidated and killed
to keep them out of politics forever. This was the start of the Jim Crow laws. It wasn't till
the early 20th century that African Americans began to over turn these laws. Now if the
current GOP gets their way, I fear we may see people of color losing more and more
of their rights, because many white people are afraid people of color will take over the

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #1834 on: February 25, 2021, 01:05:08 pm »

The GOP is complaining about raising the minimum wage. I guess GOP millionaires
expect the people to work two jobs if they want more money. I know of some working
three jobs trying to make ends meet. The minimum wage hasn't been raised for 14
year. I guess millionaires don't notice inflation the way the rest of us do. Since they
have enough money to cover higher costs, and their big business friends hate having to
pay workers more. Keeping costs down for them is a big reason the GOP is
against Unions as well. That and the fact Unions tend to support Democrats.
Like Trump the GOP is against anyone or group that doesn't support them.

I think the Democrats should give the GOP full credit for standing in the way of the
covid19 relief bill. Not only does it help people who are in need, it would give a boost
to the economy. Unfortunately the GOP is against anything that might help Democrats.

I really don't think politicians wanted  capital police to use violence against the rioters
unless they were of foreign origin. They keep talking about the national guard, but I
wonder  just what they were expected to do? Stand in the way of the rioters, or shoot

Personally I think they should install  remotely controlled water cannons on each
side of the steps on both sides of the building. That way they wouldn't need a big fence
or a large guard to protect the building or it's inhabitants. Then if a mob was to run to
the steps, they could be pushed away without  serious injury to the mob or guards.
Passive protection like fences is cheaper, but looks really bad. Water defense could raise up
out of the ground when needed, and out of sight otherwise.

I think just having water defense would deter most people. Water under pressure can
knock people off their feet, even if they try to use a shield, and getting wet isn't much
fun either.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #1835 on: February 26, 2021, 12:24:23 pm »

As expected the GOP got their way to keep a vote on the minimum wage delayed.

No, Trump isn't another Hitler, but as Hitler did, he shows how fragile a democracy is
when confronted by a leader willing to feed an angry crowd of supporters with lies and false
conspiracies. I have said many times, Trump knows how to manipulate
people. A master at the con game. Which he is willing to use for his own benefit.

So now with the help of the GOP, a party he has taken control of, he plans to help
it win back control of the two houses of congress in 2022, and the presidency in 2024.
He may fail, but if he does, he will try to have his supporters help him undo the
elections which he will claim to be rigged against him and his supporters.

As popular as Trump is in the GOP, he is currently only at 37% nation wide. This
means as a presidential candidate he will lose. So if the GOP nominate him to run in
2024, they are picking a loser unless he gains in popularity.  Somehow I think Trump's
lies won't hold up over time, especially with Independents and Democrats.
Also Trump has a poor record of helping elect fellow GOP members, either to the
House or the Senate. Apparently his con game doesn't work so well for anyone but him.
So time will tell if the GOP continues to foolishly support Trump the loser. A loser who
will likely cost them more elections.

Trump's tax records have been made available for investigation of criminal activity,
but we can expect Trump will claim he is a victim of a witch hunt,  just as he  has
about  every investigation over  the past 4 years while president. This claim of being a victim
is designed to gain sympathy from his supporters. Supporters he has convinced to
believe any lie he chooses to tell them.

Unfortunately the far right media has sided with Trump, likely because he is willing to
support much of the changes they wish to see for the country. The trouble is the far
right is controlled by the corrupt super rich who want a government much the same
as Russia, with it's oligarchs controlling the economy.

Unless our legal system is able to hold Trump accountable for criminal activity, I fear
he could destroy our democracy attempting to gain total control of our government.
Already his supporters threaten to destroy the capital during president Biden's state
of the union address. This will likely fail, but the threat puts those members of
government at personal risk. All I can say is if successful a lot of the dirty GOP members
who support Trump will be lost as well. 

I hope people in this country learn from the problems Texas suffered during the
terrible cold last week. It is a very good example why private industry who worries
more about profit than planning for weather extremes, can cost people lives and
property. Not only that, but a lot of money industry wants the public to pay to cover
their mistakes. Mistakes the GOP was happy to allow industry to make. People should
remember this when they vote, because the GOP is glad to look the other way anytime
big business pays them to do so.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #1836 on: March 02, 2021, 12:20:49 pm »

Sorry about the text layout being so messy. My vision is getting very poor.

The GOP is wanting to do away with fair elections. Instead of running with policies the
public will vote for, they want to keep people who like Democrats from being able to

vote. That way they can get elected even though they don't do anything but cut taxes
for their rich friends, and do little or nothing for the public good. 

Nearly every state under GOP control is wanting to make it  harder for minorities  to
vote. Why we might ask? They claim too many people are voting for Democrats.
Especially people of color. Even without serious reports of fraud, none even

claims of fraud conservative judges and the conservative supreme court failed to see,

the GOP continues to claim they must change voting laws in over 30 states to prevent
this fraud no one can find evidence for.

The supreme court is about to rule on these changes that GOP states want to make.
If the court rules to allow these changes, it will mostly destroy the voting rights of
all Americans. Especially those of minorities. If Democrats don't get rid of the filibuster
rule, the GOP will never approve laws to protect voting rights, especially for people
color. Because they know their votes would remove many current GOP members from office.

The GOP, when asked about domestic terrorism, want to point to leftist attacks

are few, and not nearly as violent as those of the far right extremest.
When president
Trump was asked about white terrorist groups, he nearly always
wanted to point to
leftist groups, apparently wanting to protect white extremist who gave him their
support, and most GOP members who

like Trump, follow his lies about the left and Democrats.

I fear by the time their voters wise up, it will be nearly impossible to restore democracy.
The GOP politicians will likely continue using lies about religion, abortion, the LGBT, and
immigration, to keep their voter base happy and voting for them.

As expected Trump spread his usual lies while speaking at CPAC. 
Just as phony as
the blow up statue of him there. Some one should have flown the Trump baby balloon
outside the convention center. That would have been a better representation of him,
because he is always crying about something.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #1837 on: March 04, 2021, 12:59:08 pm »

GOP politicians are wanting to remove mandates that protect the public from spreading
covid19. They apparently expect to gain votes by allowing people and businesses to
return to  normal activity.  This of course puts the public at risk, but as usual many in
 the GOP care little for the public good. Especially when they want votes.

The GOP claim they want partisanship, but it has nothing to do with compromise,
because it's just a ploy to prevent the passage of bills that  would keep the GOP
from using their lies to keep control of the country.

I fear the Democrats don't have the guts to use the power given to them to pass laws
the public elected them to do, and by not standing up to the GOP, many people who
voted for Democrats may feel there is little good to vote as the Democrats won't fight
for the changes they want anyway. I think this is one reason the GOP, even as a
minority party keep the power they have. They fight for power even if they have to use
lies to keep it, and a lot of people support fighters. This is likely the reason so many
voted for Trump. A man who was happy to use lies in his fight for money and power.
You can be sure he will continue to do so.

It appears the GOP is trying to copy Trump, with the bald faced lies they continue to
tell. They seem to think if Trump got by wit it, why not us. I am not sure they will get
by with it. Trump could sell refrigerators to Eskimos, and smile while taking their last
dollar. This is why he is a good politician.  Trump has a mind that feels he must be the
first to cheat, because he expects  others to cheat him. So where others 
might have to plan to cheat, Trump does it  without thinking. In fact he would likely
have to think to keep from telling a lie. This is the big reason he never wants to be under oath in a court of law. Because he would likely lie himself into jail.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #1838 on: March 05, 2021, 12:58:50 pm »

A senator from Indiana claims his state is doing just fine without the Biden relief
bill, other than some money for unemployment assistance. One might wonder if
his state would be willing to have their state cut to reduce the size of the relief bill?
Somehow I think the loss of the $1400 would be very unpopular with the sate
population, or the population of any other state.

It's mostly big business that is against giving aid of any kind to the needy. Many of
them claim they made it okay, but forget success is more due to good fortune and not
just hard work that they like to claim. For every success there are untold numbers that
fail mostly due to misfortune. If Trump hadn't had a family fortune to fall back on, he
would be an unknown has been by now.

The GOP is against statehood for Porto Rico, Washington DC, and other territories
because most would be supportive of Democrats. Since the GOP is just hanging on
to  power, the last thing they want is more voting Americans in support of the
Democrats. So it will take either doing away or modifying the filibuster rule in the
senate to pass bills the GOP is against.

This rule is a hangover from the post civil war years when the GOP needed help as
a minority to have any control in the senate. There are proposals to modify the rule to
make it's use more difficult. Requiring members to be in full attendance to hold the 60
votes required to stop it. Also requiring the filibustering senator to do it all by him or
herself. I have a hunch some of those senators in their 80's would not like having to
stay in attendance for hour after hour while a fellow senator rambles on and on. I bet
their old body would get very sore just sitting there. I kind of think the GOP would
not want to use this rule near as much with those changes in effect, and likely would be
willing to compromise in stead.  Perhaps even to ad a state or two to the country.

The Democrats have the votes to change the rule, if they don't you can be sure the
GOP will continue to block legislation to please the cult of Trump, and their success
will cost votes for the Democrats and likely eventual control of the government.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #1839 on: March 05, 2021, 05:48:25 pm »
Same republican trick. The idea is to get people talking about how they are lifting regs on Covid instead of how they are undermining democracy by implementing voting restrictions. Again. The republican party willingly puts American lives in danger. Just for politics.

Yes, there is a real danger in free money. Historically proven fact. Can this cause an economy collapse? Yes. Would a few thousand for every American harm the American economy? No. However continued relief bills will start to damage the economy. This circumvents the idea of product. Think of it like a circle with dots on it's line. Each dot represents a product. The line going from either direction from the dot represents both profit and cost. Cut this and it's like a back account that's only going in one direction. The flow is what makes an economy. So a back account with 0 is just as bad as one with billions. This is why the "New Deal" worked. Basically hire one man to dig a hole and another to fill it. Someone had to buy the shovel. It's more complicated than that. But the point is it works. Personally I would rather see something more along the idea of the "New Deal" than more relief bills.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #1840 on: March 07, 2021, 12:15:20 pm »

Yes too much free money is bad for the economy, but big tax cuts that make it hard for
the government to work for the public good is bad as well. I don't think president Biden
has any plans to push for more hand outs. He is working to get the country vaccinated so people
can get back to work. I just hope the GOP who appears to be trying to throw a wrench in
this, fail, or we could see a lot of suffering for the public yet.

I just wish the GOP would stop their lies and really work for the public good, and the economy.
Ever since the days of  president Reagan  they have been working for the rich, and not for the
middle class who did more for the country than the rich ever have.

The GOP cry "If we can't limit voting we can't win." This is stupid, a child could tell them
how to win. Just work for the people and you will win. Oh yes, the GOP politicians know
very well how to win votes, but they don't want to work for the people. They want to
work for their rich big business friends that give the GOP millions to help them stay in
power. That is why they voted against the covid19 relief bill. Every last  one of them.

They didn't care that over 60% of their voters wanted it to pass. They don't care that
60% wanted the increase in the minimum wage. They only want to please Trump,
his cult, and his rich friends. So they lie, and mislead their voters in stead of working
for them.

If the Democrats ever get their act together, and really fight to win, the GOP will be in
serious trouble. Because there aren't enough hard line GOP voters to keep them in
office. This is why they work hard to win in states, because it's power in the states
that keep them in power at the federal level. The GOP knows if they vocally support
policies their hard line voters want, they will get their votes, every time.

Since Trump was elected in 2016 they have had losses they never expected. So with
Trump's loss, and the senate, they are running scared, and working all the harder to
make it even more difficult for Democrats to defeat them. Not by working for the
people, but by passing laws they hope will stop the voters of color they fear.

They don't care that the constitution gives every citizen the right to vote. They get
around this by passing laws that make it more difficult to vote, and make it count. This
is why the GOP put judges in courts that will be favorable to what the  GOP wants, and
with a supreme court that will likely favor conservative policies voting isn't likely to be
any easier.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #1841 on: March 08, 2021, 02:09:19 pm »
Voting rights Georgia's new bill. I read part of it. So what they are doing is going to the same stuff we already have in Missouri. I looked into absentee voting before this last election. I would have to be physically confined by heath issues. But still be able to get out and get my vote notarized. So I would have to be physically and restricted health wise but still be able to get to a public place and have my vote notarized. So the republicans in Georgia are making it as hard as the republicans in Missouri have made it for years now. This bill doesn't target anyone. It isn't even aimed at restricting voting. It's an attempt to make sure there is no voting fraud. It a republican bill to replace an older republican bill. What  they are saying the republican party's last bill made it easier for voter fraud. So if you use critical thinking its easy to come up with this. The republican party knows there's voter fraud because they made it possible. And now they are fixing their mistake. 

This is just another example of left wing media hype. It would be nice if folks would just stick to the news.

The republican party is a complete mess. It's not just Trump. And right now they are trying to fix the mess they made of themselves. But still show they don't care about the individual American.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #1842 on: March 09, 2021, 12:26:31 pm »

The GOP is passing laws in states they control to limit voting  by people in stead of
making it easier. There isn't enough fraud to worry about anyway, they should be worried
about getting people out to vote in stead.
Some of them are changing  laws the GOP made in the first place to make it easier for
people to vote,  but when they  saw people of color using these very laws the GOP
decided they weren't needed any more. Claiming they are only wanting to make voting
more secure. This is obviously due to losses by the GOP in 2020, because if these
changes were really  needed, they would have been changed years ago.  Personally
I think voting is too restrictive in Missouri, It's hard enough to get people out to vote as is.
If it was up to  me, voting would be required by law, because too few people  vote.

Trump is apparently  needing money, because he is telling his supporters to sen money
to his political action committee, and not to the GOP. His supporters should ask him
why he as a multi billionaire needs their money? They should remember when he ran
in 2016, he claimed to have nearly 10 billion dollars, but soon after he began to hold
his hand out for money. Sadly he has convinced them he has earned any and all
money they are willing to send him. Typical of a con man who is happy to take money
any way he can. It's a shame they believe him, because he personally cares nothing
for them.

Two women were increased to the rank of a 4 star general in the military. These women
were approved for their new rank last fall, but this was kept secret, because they  didn't
want Trump to know, for fear he would object, because of his disrespect for women,
and people of color. 

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #1843 on: March 11, 2021, 01:04:42 pm »

Sorry about the messy text, vision  bad for this bunny.

Well the GOP controlled states are still up to no good.  Arkansas  just passed a bill
against abortion. Even for rape or incest, only allowing it to save the life of the fetus,
These radicals apparently consider women as being expendable. For some reason they
consider the life of the fetus being above all else. To me if they punished a woman as
well as the doctor it would at least be more reasonable. But of course this might cause
women to not vote for the GOP, not doing this makes the whole law hypocritical. Some
claim this law was passed to get the supreme court to declare abortion illegal nation
wide. Personally i think  by not including rape and incest may give the court an excuse to
not allow this law to stand. Only time will tell.

Personally I am not a fan of abortion, but laws like the one in Arkansas is a crime
against women for being women. Some how I think if the GOP tried to passed a law 
making  sex illegal except for reproduction. It would never pass due to it involving men
in stead of only women.

The GOP continue to prove they have no shame. instead of trying to help fix
the problem with the large number of kids coming  across the boarder with Mexico, they
are claiming  president Biden is at fault for opening the boarder with Mexico. If he closed it
they would make a big deal out of it,  even though they said nothing when 
Trump force  the kids to stay in Mexico to live in squalor, and if he did let them
in, he put them in cages to sleep on concrete under a tin foil blanket. 

Yes many would just call this politics, but the mistreatment  of

people as kids often 
turns them into future terrorists. We need friends, not people who  hate us, and the
GOP  should know this. If they don't they should be removed from office.

It was the help we gave Europe after the second world war that has kept the peace
  for many years,  Not only that it made many of  them friends as well.

The poor treatment  of Germany after the first  world war helpdd  put Hitler in power, who
started the next war. It seems people never learn from the teaching of history.
and doom us all to repeat it. I fear one day this defect of man will destroy us all.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #1844 on: March 11, 2021, 01:59:15 pm »
Old Rabbit. Your leaving out the real horror of the Trump administrations actions with Mexican children. Not only did he separate these kids from their parents. But he bused them off to stay in faster homes wile busing the parents back to Mexico. The Biden administration is still cleaning up that mess. Trying to re unite these kids back with their parents.

Looking into more of the GOP backed voting bills. Most are ridiculous at beat. The ones that are not needed are,
Closing polls down earlier? Why? This has no effect on anything. Companies are required to give employees time to vote. It's illegal for any company to charge late or early leave for voting.
Restricting early voting times. How would this effect an election? This is a joke.
Sending out notifications to those who get automatic mail in ballets and haven't voted in four or five years. Apparently GOP led cities and towns are to stupid to read. it is real easy to find out who's still alive.
Restricting allowed times for mail in ballets. All this will do is make procrastinators move a little faster. If you wait till the day after an election to go to a voting station your vote wont count either. This is also a joke.

The above measures are nothing more than the GOP circus dancing around Trump's lies about the last election. They are pandering to the stupid and the brainwashed.

The one measure that is unconstitutional in all respects.
Requiring mail in voters to send proof of residence, copy of a bill or bank statement. If they only required your voting registration card then it would be fine. As long as your state sends you a new one every election. The state of Missouri does this. This is a voting restriction. If you are living with someone and don't have bills or a back account you can't vote. If your homeless you can't vote.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #1845 on: March 12, 2021, 01:03:27 pm »
I am glad, mr rat,your taking the time to mention more of ex-president Trump's dirty work. I would mention more myself,  but
there is so much of it, it's best to divide it up. Besides even writing some of it leaves me feeling a bit disgusted.

At least our new president is refreshing to listen to. Yes he has his faults, but at least he cares enough to work for the people, even if they aren't liberal Democrats.

I guess most heard the talk show idiot who bad mouthed women in the military. About all it showed is that he
could run for the GOP nomination for president and  likely get it.
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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #1846 on: March 13, 2021, 12:15:46 pm »

A year ago when covid19 began to cause serious problems for the country, Trump
started calling it the China virus. Unfortunately the far right and extremists followed
Trump's lead and began attacking Asian Americans. While Trump didn't come out and
tell people they should attack Asians, still his rhetoric encouraged it. As usual Trump
made little effort to stop it. Seemingly afraid it would cost him support from the far
right if he did.

Now that the covid19 relief bill has passed, some GOP members are acting like they
voted for it. Even though none did, not even one. Now when they run in 2022, win they
ask voters to re-elect or vote for them. What will they say when they want to effectively
raise taxes by undoing child credits for families? This will give Democrats a lot to talk
about when they run to defeat the GOP in 2022. This bill has 75% approval by the
American public, over 60% by GOP voters. So the GOP are going to have to be very
careful, because even the cult of Trump isn't likely to save them as it hasn't done
much to help anyone but Trump in the past.

While it is true a large part of the relief bill wasn't about covid19 directly, it went a long
way to give help and aid for people that the GOP worked to do a way with over time.
They claim to be for small government, yet they give big handouts and tax cuts to the
richest Americans, while turning their back on the needy.

Now the GOP wants to do away with the estate tax. A tax that only affected 1900
people last year, and 90% of those who are rich who would like to see that tax go
away. If the  GOP  really wanted to help, they could exempt the tax for those families
who have to  sell a  farm just to pay the estate tax. Especially if they wanted to continue the 
operation of the farm. As is many family farms have to be  sold every year just to pay
the estate tax.

The GOP is complaining about all the unaccompanied kids coming into the country.
Most of the GOP supporters who are complaining are hypocrites, because they claim to
care about the unborn kids, yet they are ready to send desperate kids trying to enter the
country back where many would face abuse and death.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #1847 on: March 15, 2021, 01:30:00 pm »

It seems to me the leaders of the GOP want to turn this country into a fascist
state. To keep total power over the  government, and minorities who don't
agree with their far right radicalism. This is a change from the past, where the GOP was a
conservative center right body who largely  supported the middle class. A

tried to maintain  a capitalistic, free market society. I fear the upper class has gained

so much control, they want to use the GOP to take full control of the country.

They see the country moving toward socialism, and likely fear the loss of their vast
wealth to the masses. People they feel will destroy the country, in favor of socialistic policies that will make it impossible to gain vast wealth in the future.

I am sure many people think they should have a right to be super rich, but when you
allow people to gain vast wealth it upsets the economy. Also those with this kind of wealth often use it as a way to hold power over the masses.

This is the very reason Unions have been created. To give power to those who other
wise would be stepped on by their employer. This isn't just about money, as many
times people are treated unfairly, and need to let their employer know they can't get
by with it.

The GOP has been working for years to get rid of Unions, and because of that they are
down to just 6% of the nations work force. I understand Unions are coming back,
perhaps we need to use a similar idea to put good people in government.  I know
Unions used to encourage voting for politicians who supported them. This is the big
reason the GOP are against Unions. Of course big business would like to see them go
as well.

The GOP is looking for  anyway they can to make president Biden look bad. He isn't a
woman, or  black, so they are having trouble finding anything to attack him on.  This
is likely why they have chosen to attack the influx of children crossing  our southern
boarder  in hope it will lower his popularity. While it is true the Biden administration is
having some difficulty in dealing  with the large numbers, but we can be sure the only
reason the GOP is talking about it, is to hurt the president, and not help the children.
You can be sure the far right media will be following along to give the GOP a way to stir
up their voting base.

Already over 30GOP  states are trying to pass 250 laws to make voting more difficult and less fair for people wih less income. Not only that they want their voters to think
they are making voting more secure against those who vote for democrats. The last
thing the GOP want their voters to think,is that their vote might not be enough to win for
them. An Arizona state congressman actually implied that
people of color aren't smart enough to be allowed to vote.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #1848 on: March 18, 2021, 12:29:42 pm »

Even though the GOP is claiming the latest surge of unaccompanied children is due to
president Biden. When asked these kids claim they know nothing about any  immigration
changes by our president. They claim they are looking for safety and a
better life.

This is proof the GOP is telling lies about most of these children,  hoping voters will
turn against Biden, and other Democrats. It seems for the last 40 years the GOP  has
been using lies to win elections instead of working for the public good.

While it's not uncommon for politicians to lie and mislead people. It seems the GOP
feel it's the only way they can win, and for the last decade or so they have been
working to limit voting by the poor and disadvantaged. They claim it's to reduce the
size of government, but evidence shows it's more about power and helping the rich get

richer than any thing else.

President Biden had a goal of vaccinating 100 million people in his first 100 days. It
seems the GOP hoped he would fail, but now that it appears vaccinations will greatly
exceed his goal, they are claiming it was Trump who made it possible for this to
happen. Even though Trump did little or nothing but complain and lie during 2020. The
GOP continue to support the worst president this country ever had.

The GOP continue to be against gun safety, even though the public is for it. Polling
shows over 90% in favor of this. The GOP continue to follow NRA, and manufactures
of firearms to keep receiving the money they get from them. Much of the support from
the GOP depends on how much money  you give them. This dependence on money to
get elected could be made a lot less, but the GOP doesn't want to make it easier for the
average American to run for political office. They want to keep it so people have to be
millionaires to have a good chance to be elected to office. Because rich people are more
likely to follow the policies of the GOP, than the average American.

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Re: Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.
« Reply #1849 on: March 20, 2021, 12:59:43 pm »

It seems the GOP is becoming more open with their racism, and willingness to go after
the support of racists as Trump does. The worst is their support of white supremacy,
people who hate anyone but white skinned people. It would be bad enough to not like
people of color, but many are willing to kill them. In the past GOP support of this dark
side of humanity was kept to themselves. But when Trump was elected, the GOP has
decided they can be open with their hate, as Trump has chasing the support of anyone
who will give him their support. No matter what they believe.

This sickness spread by Trump, and now the GOP, will likely come back to bite them,
because the majority of people are against hate, and will turn against those who do.
So far the lies by the far right media is covering up the truth, but when people learn the
facts, those using hate to gain power will lose, and will have to hide, trying to cover up
their shame. I fear there will be much suffering by the innocent, before the truth can
put an end to those willing to do anything for power, and money.

It's unfortunate, but many people are willing to believe the lies by people they like.
Instead of finding the truth they allow them selves to be led like sheep by con artists
who know how to manipulate people. It happens every day, even when people are
warned by those who know.

I fear as racial diversity increases over the next several years, Many white people will
do terrible things to oppose the rule by people who don't look like them. Much as many
men dislike having a woman for a boss. This shift will take time and I expect there will
be much suffering by the innocent before people learn to get along with other races, if
they ever do.

It's sad people let the appearance of others affect them the way it does. Sometimes I
wonder if people were blindfolded and put in a group of people of various races, what
would they think put in the same group without blindfolds later. Would it change
anyone. It might some, but probably not many. People tend to learn hate when growing
up, and it's hard to change them.
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