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Game Master Status  (Please Read!  Required to start new games!)

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We used to have a policy (back when i was regularly role-playing) that all new role-plays had to be submitted to staff for approval... Which was a nightmare as a role-player and created a ton of extra work for staff.  It took some of my games over a month to get approved because of the other workload they had going on.

With this,  it should be fairly easy for a role-player to get GM status,  and once they have it things should return to normal for them except for that they are more responsible for their threads than they were before.  If you're not watching the threads you create for forum rule breaks,  it can mean losing the ability to make new games if it happens too much too often.  It also gives us a chance to make sure the role-players are aware of this so that they don't just lose their ability to make threads one day and feel like no one  warned them.  To become a GM,  you MUST have read all of the role-play rules which means you must know that you can lose it if you aren't responsible with it.

On the other hand,  there were some GMs who kept sending me PMs asking how much authority they had in their games because they were afraid to tell others what to do.  This should fix that issue as well.

Jacoby Quinn:
Two things, one this application is entirely unfair to open-plot RP and I was planning one before the policy came into effect, I have run well made RP's on this site before though I do so rarely because I want only my best ideas on the board, I can't start a new RP because an open world RP leaves a few spaces on the application blank.
Second, I want to make sure that you guys do not delete "covens, bloodlines and roses", i'm still working on editing it to publish it with the permission of the characters involved.

Threads will not be deleted, they will just be locked as appropriate.

Games closed after the month long grace period is up can always be unlocked after the GM gets their GM status and the game's OP is brought up to the new rules.  That's nothing to worry about.

You also don't have the submit the most ambitious game ideas you have to use as your application.  You might try something where you have a better grasp of the world and story you're going to be responsible for.   :)


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