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"Alright, kiddos..." Kite said, walking down the line of her squad members. "First off, welcome to Deadwater. Second, At ease. We're not the military, so I won't make you be the military. Now, To introduce myself, Im Kite Southpaw... I'll be trying to keep you all alive.  I don't mind if you call me by my first name, so long as you don't do it in front of the higher-ups. I've introduced myself, so now's your turn. I want a name and specialization from each of you, starting with this end." She pointed to the first in her line.

(Go through and introduce your characters, then wait until I say otherwise. This is just for the intro stage.)

Jacoby Quinn:
"Skye Quinn" his voice had a soft french accent "I am your ah...CQB?" the rabbit seemed a bit small to be handling Hand to hand and close range assualt, but something in his eyes said he'd seen either a lot of combat, or some very brutal slaughter in his past. "I was told there would be refreshments Mon Chéri?" he was of course joking.

"Maybe afterwards, Quinn... We'll see." Kite replied, looking him over. She was rather small, herself, so she wasn't too thrown off by his size. "We smaller people have to hit hard and fast... You look like you know that well. Next in line, who are you and what do you do?" (Same question, just worded different.)

Amducious gave a little wave "I'm Amducious, just call me "Am" or "Duc" either works or my first name, I'll be your Gunner." His voice was deep and raspy, well he was surprisingly tall. "I'm excited to be here and do as much as I can." He smiled, then went back to staring at the ground.
(his voice is similar to this --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6M5qmZfB_Vo)   

Kite looked him over and nodded as she moved to the next person. "Glad to have a gunner, Am... Next."


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