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Shadows in the machine: A tainted A.I. (shadow A.I. reboot-IC)

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Another day, another moment in history....

The glistening towers of the city gleamed in the night as Romeo glowered out of the window of Shadow Corp's New York branch office. The A.I. on his wrist whirred to life, bowing to him and speaking in her quiet, synthetic chirp. "Good evening Mr. Faust. Please do not forget your military conference at 8:30, and your meeting with the museum commitee at 10:00. Also, I took the liberty of organizing your files." Faust sighed, rubbing his temples with one techno-organic paw. "Thank you Aileta. Anything else?" "Yes sir. Tasuneviir and Reaper are being routed to your office. Supervisors have assigned the two to your orders sir." "Yes, thank you..."

Tasuneviir and Reaper both recieved simultaneous calls from the higher ups of shadow corp. The message was simple. Report to the New york city branch office of shadow corp, and report to A.I. designer Romeo Faust for further missions. These orders are of a delicate nature, and the pay will match.

Mikhail and Killswitch are similarly dispatched to New york city, with orders to keep tabs on shadow-corp's activities. They have recieved anonymous tip offs that the corporation is illegally producing and selling nano-technology, but to verify, they will need to capture and interrogate a high-ranking fur in the corporation itself. This is not a job that can be accomplished by moles and turncoats.

Killswitch arrived in a cargo trailer, booting up upon arrival and standing, moving to the door and waiting for his handler as a quick briefing scrolled down his HUD. Cutting through the ranks of a criminal organization wasn't the hard part in his mind, it was capturing the target that would be the problem; he was, after all, built to take criminals down.

Artyom was getting up from his usally breakfast; eggs and a cup of coffee. He went over to his wall safe, punching in a code. It opened up revealing his HASR, magazines, ammo, and his revolver. Each mag was labeled with what type of ammo it was loaded with. He grabbed his two guns and proceeded to take them apart for his routine cleaning. Grabbed his ghillie suit and inspected it. "Time to take care of some business." He mumbled, putting a fresh mag into his HASR, chambering a round.

Checking over his rapier as he reviewed his orders he eyed Killswitch was being involved. Having to work with someone was one thing but, why did it have to be this one? A feral killing machine isnt really the easiest thing to hide nor was it efficient. Though it could prove beneficial if it can take out heavily armed guards around one of the ShadowCorp officials they should be able to capture one. "I don't need to tell you how important this job is Killswitch. Let us try to restrain ourselves when we go in for a capture ok?" he swung the door open and looked fully at the other "We may need to find a way to transport you more discreetly through town. Any suggestions? I was gonna say trunk of the car but, you may weigh it down." He grinned sheathing his rapier

"I would not fit in a car trunk." Killswitch said flatly, stepping out of the trailer and scanning over the area with each of his visual overlays, then starting towards where his HUD indicated the armory to be. "Calculations reveal walking to have the highest success rate... Running diagnostic..." As he walked, his internal processor scanned over both his mechanical and living parts, checking for damage and run efficiency. "No damage detected... Processor running at peak efficiency. Temperature at minimum. Weapon rack 1 empty. Weapon rack 2 empty."


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