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Third Dawn (Infamous inspired RP/OOC)

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(Note: I'm taking quite a few elements from the Infamous series so similar setting but not quite like any of the games, taking place roughly around the time of First Light for those who followed the timeline.)

Five years ago...the world was changed forever...or at least for some people. The lucky...or unlucky in some cases. People given extraordinary powers, bending the elements around them in incredible but often dangerous ways. Some wanted these 'Conduits' locked away, others simply wanted them dead opting to take justice into their hands...but yet others sympathized with the Conduits wanting them to live like they do after all. But whatever your take is, Conduits aren't the only ones whom this story revolves around...everyone can be a hero or Infamous after all, Conduit, Military, and Civilian alike...What will your story be, heroic, infamy...or something inbetween?

Character Type 1: Conduit

Life had never been easy since you discovered your powers...maybe that bully in school pushed you just a bit too far, or that difficult customer triggered you into overreacting? Maybe you just ran away after you discovered it, maybe your parents gave you something to start you off not wanting to see you taken and locked up. No matter what however, Here you are now...On the streets of Pittsburgh in hiding, maybe hopping from cheap apartment to crashpad if you were lucky. Scraping by on whatever you got from the charity of others or falling into petty crime. But somehow as a Conduit...you're still alive and you aren't locked up in Curden Cay...must be a reason why.

Character Type 2: Military

Maybe it was feeling the need to serve your country...maybe you're doing this for forgiveness of your crimes or to fight the recent Bio-terrorist problem. You stand in line with the other soldiers now awaiting your next orders. Your next deployment, Pittsburgh, PA. A recent report of an influx of Bio-terrorists and it's up to you to hunt them down and restore peace there. Hunt them down and haul 'em off to Curden Cay and you'll be the hero they told you...but it won't be easy that's for damn sure as if their powers weren't enough to contend with the people sure won't be happy about your occupation of their city and the possibly cruel treatment. But it's all for the best, right?

Character Type 3: Civilian

Like any other day it seemed when the military rolled in, you just going off to your job or your classes maybe have dinner with the folks or meet your girlfriend today for a cruise...Now you got these military people on every corner scanning you for the Conduit Gene. All seems excessive but it's to keep you safe from the Bio-terrorist or 'Conduits' as you've heard them called from time to time. Didn't one just destroy an office building yesterday, killing a bunch of people? But they can't all be bad...maybe one saved your Brother or Sister from gangsters or drug dealers...Where do you stand on the issue?

So this little excursion shall take place in Pittsburgh since the Infamous games all took place in better known cities to stick with that theme. It'll be about the struggle of power between the Conduits and the Military as well as the Civilians caught in between it. And Don't worry Civilians won't be as underpowered or boring as you may think i assure you, so let's get a good spread of characters

1. No Godmodding whatsoever
2. For now, Limit three characters per player
3. All disputes shall be settled via PM or the OOC here.
4. I hold the final say in all quarrels and disputes

i'll finish editing the rules later as i'm tired right now and need my rest...

Skeleton card

Age: (Military minimum:21, Conduit minimum:16)

Type 1 extras

Conduit power:
Belongings: (Think what would fit in a backpack, you been on the run after all)

Some Example powers for Conduits if you need some inspiration

Type 2 extras


Type 3 extras

Misc. Info:

Characters to come later, needs sleep after all...

Alright these'll be some of the people you'll be interacting with

Type 1: Conduits

Name: Fredrick 'Blades' Tavare
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Raccowolf
Clothing: Bright green sleeveless shirt adorned with purple paint splatters and and blue skull on the chest, Black vest with a bunch of straps and silver buckles, torn black jeans with a chain and cross and skull keychains, basketball shoes, a worn silver cross around his neck on a black leather strip.
Appearance: Lanky with a little muscle, stands 6'3", emerald green eyes, mid-short brown hair that's longer in the front occasionally getting in the way of his eyes, grey fur with black raccoon markings, blue tribals all over the left side of his face, torso and left arm, and two small gauges in his right ear filled with black and green curled spikes.
Personality: Arrogant and bad-tempered at times but means well, Generally a kind person even if he seems otherwise.
Backstory: Blades grew up in a pretty average life to start with, his father was usually away with the military leaving him mostly with his mother. He was fairly well rounded in school being on the basketball team and excelling in art class but still often contended with the occasional jerk or two. One day however, one pushed him just a bit too hard awakening Fredrick's ability to manipulate paint leaving the bully stuck to the floor...When Blades ran home he found his mother waiting, apparently the art teacher called her to warn Mrs. Tavare. She handed her son some money, a picture of the family and a gun and told him to run...three years later now living as 'Blades' he's makes it as a street artist.
Conduit power: Paint
Belongings: M1911 pistol, family photo, a sketchbook, a tin of colored pencils, an old scarf for spray-painting, a few aerosol spray cans, a two-way military grade walkie and a purple stuffed otter toy.

Name: Leilani S. Rosario
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: River Otter
Clothing: Sea Green tanktop with a light brown threadbare jacket, blue jeans with white shoes and a silver sea shell necklace.
Appearance: Thin build, stands 5'6", short black hair, blue eyes, white fur with light purple webbing and markings on her arms and muzzle.
Personality: Stren and mature for her age but always seems kind of sad.
Backstory: Leilani had a great life, honor roll student, loved by her parents her life seemed on the fast track for success...until the day when she nearly drowned forcing her hydrokinesis powers to the surface. Her parents tried to hide her but eventually she was found and her parents arrested but she fought back, running away. Now she's alone on the streets trying to find where her parents are being held so she can try and break them out someday.
Conduit power: Hydrokinesis
Belongings: Stuffed Bunny, a deck of cards, a mint case she uses as a wallet, a couple of water bottles, an old blanket, and usually some kind of sweet.

Name: Abbi 'Juke' Morris
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Kangaroo
Clothing: Basketball jersey over a bikini top, faded jeans with red, yellow and green basketball shoes. A pewter amulet with the voodoo symbol of Agwe.
Appearance: Rugged build, Stands 5' 8", dark gray fur with red markings, short dark hair with brown eyes, scarring on her neck and arms from fights and other things.
Personality: Tough and unwaivering, does what she feels best be it bad, good or whatever it be.
Backstory: Abbi was born in Jamaica to a Voodoo priest and a Rastafarian, she went to America on vacation when her powers came to surface. Unaware of the laws against conduits, she was immediately captured but before she was locked away Curden Cay could not process her into their system and was sent to a half-way holding facility. She was mistreated, beaten, and various other awful things...when the van came to haul her to Curden Cay, she rebelled and ran away to Pittsburgh. Tired, mistreated, and feeling defeated...she had an ax to grind. She began stealing and assaulting those who hated conduits feeling the world owed her for putting her through all those awful things for no good reason other than being different.
Conduit power: Neon
Belongings: A basketball, a Rasta arm band, a stolen ipod, a portable game system, and a wad of cash.

Type 2: Military

Name: Ed Tanlin
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Species: Panda Bear
Clothing: DUP medium armor suit minus the helmet
Appearance: Stocky but strong build, standard panda markings, Stands 5' 10", dark blue eyes with short black hair.
Personality: A gruff and short-tempered man but some of that's due to stress being a Sargent.
Backstory: Ed's always been kind of a grumpy old dude but he was always very tough and determined. He used to work as a security guard for various clubs, but after getting tired of dealing with as he put it 'yuppie scumbags' he signed onto the army and was moved to the DUP a few years later. He's recieved some accolades for his determination in battle and has put away a noteworthy number of Bio-terrorists making him a prime candidate to send to Pittsburgh for the Bio-terror cleanup operation.
Loadout: M1012 Combat shotgun, compact UMP45
Training: Restraint training, CQB advanced, leadership training. Good at close range but bad at a distance.

Name: Jillian Montoro
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Species: Serval
Clothing: DUP armored vest and arm guards with uniform pants and shirt and a visor with a rangefinder.
Appearance: Average build, Stands 5'7", standard serval markings, honey colored fur with black markings
Personality: Serious on the field but knows how to smile and loosen up during her off time.
Backstory: Loving parents, eldest of three children, decent enough grades, Jillian's life seemed perfectly fine...till her little sister Ana tested positive for the conduit gene. When they came for her, Jillian offered her service in exchange for Ana's freedom. Somehow they took the offer and now she's a recently minted corporal and ready to be deployed.
Loadout: XM8 assault rifle, CZ75 handgun
Training: Marksmanship, breaching and clearing. Well rounded troop.

Type 3: Civilian

Name: Laura Sharp
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Cheetah
Clothing: Black leggings and long sleeve shirt with a grey hoodie and brown boots and a yellow cuff bracelet.
Appearance: Stands 5' 5", thin build, long brown hair, standard cheetah markings and fur colors, brown eyes.
Personality: Attentive and listening, good eye for detail.
Backstory: Laura moved to Pittsburgh for school, getting a full boat to a university in Pittsburgh she saw it as a great opportunity to see some of the world. I her first year in classes she was almost assaulted but a conduit came and saved her at the final second. Since the lockdown and all the anti-conduit propaganda she'd joined an organization for conduit rights, she even spoke at a recent rally in the city.
Occupation: Nursing Student
Misc. info: Member of P.A.C.C. (People Against Conduit Cruelty)

Name: Helena Ashenvale
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Species: Raccoon
Clothing: Blue button-up shirt with rolled up sleeves, a gray vest and skirt with blue high heels. When at work she also wears her nametag.
Appearance: Thin build, Stands 5'7", black hair that goes to her shoulders, purple fur with black raccoon markings, green eyes.
Personality: An observant person, usually on the quieter side of the spectrum but is wildly creative.
Backstory: Originally born in Romania, Helena came to America for the opportunity to expand her art and maybe bring her family to the land of opportunity one day. Currently she waits tables to make up for what her art dosen't pay in the bills.
Occupation: Artist/Waitress
Misc. info: Neutral opinion on Conduits, but disagrees with the DUP's actions on the city.

Finally finished!

 Placeholder.  Let's just forget about the fact i forgot i posted the placeholder.  (:

Note, this was already cleared with T-Yoshi.

Name: Kyrios Avagnar
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Warg
Clothing: Standard DUP ofutfit
Appearance: Stands 6'1" and clocks in at 135lb. Has a slender frame, but with with fairly developed musculature. Has Darkbrown fur with white along his jaw. Always has his hair slicked back, due predominately to wear a helmet almost all day. Suffers from heterochromia so his left eye is green while his right is blue.
Personality: Charming, yet blunt. Tends to follow orders even if he doesn't agree with them. Plays loose and fast even if the odds seem stacked against him. Comes off cocky, even sometimes arrogant but is will to fight to protect what he believes in and those he cares about.
Backstory: Grew up without knowing who his real parents ever were. He was lucky however and was adopted by a very loving Bull and Tigress. He lived with them for many years out in a small country town where his father taught him self reliance and his mother taught him how to have a way with words. However he dreamed of seeing the world much like every young child does, he got that offer on the age 18 when the military came through looking for fresh new recruits. He signed up, much to his mother's dismay and his father's understanding.

*Conduit Power: Stone.

Loadout: Standard issue 45ACP SMG, and a Combat Knife.
Training: Hand-to-hand combat training. Great in one-vs-one situations, but can be overwhelmed by a group.

* Since his abilities have not awakened yet he hasn't had any time to train and hone them. Due to this he can not fire off his ability in a projectile form. He can use his ability to create a second skin of sorts, but due to lack of training it leaves his back completely exposed, also when using this ability he moves slower due to not having adjusted to the added weight. He can use his ability to make a 3x3 stone wall as temporary protection.He can not however make multiple walls if he does make a new wall the other one immediately crumbles leaving whatever was behind it completely defenseless. The walls and the skin are not indestructible. While they can protect against bullets, large caliber weapons, explosives and blunt force weaponry can degrade them much faster and even outright destroy them. He also can not use his abilities in rapid succession due to dormancy and lack of training as well.

Name: Alex Derringer
Age: 22
Gender: male
Species: Canine
Clothing: orange vest with a green tank top underneath. Grey windbreakers with white running shoes. Always wears a sharply angled helmet in the shape of a fox head or large headphones.
Appearance:  Grey fur with bright blue eyes. Has a small black stripe running across his chest.
Personality: Rather free and smart but not one to take things too seriously. He cares but won't go out of his way to help if it endangers himself too much.
Backstory: used to be a nightclub DJ before his capabilities bloomed, making him even better at his job before they found him out.
Conduit power: Audio, can create sounds and waves of pressure in the air. Has the capability to 'listen' to radio frequencies and blasts of pressure among other things.
Belongings: his laptop and some spare external devices to create music. A good bit of cash and spare clothes. A good bit of trail mix and other dried foods. Not much in weaponry other than a hunting knife. His chargers and a large amount of batteries.


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