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Deadwater (Reboot, OOC)

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Alright, let's see how this goes... I'm not expecting a very large turnout.

The year is 2808, and you've just joined a squad in the finest mercenary service in the world: Deadwater. You're in the new L squad, which the more seasoned mercenaries have dubbed Loser squad, or Lame squad; however, you will come to be known by a different name: Legendary. Now, a few short days after you were brought in, you've been assigned; a client has his eye on an artifact in a museum. Should be simple enough...

Something I forgot to say in the original is that this is going to be based (very) loosely off of the (somewhat) old game: Legandary. Physics, laws of nature, etc may become broken at points.

these will be the classes. Aka: Specializations. Most of the locked ones will become available later in the RP. Everyone needs to try to be a different starting class. He more repeats there are, the less who are getting into this RP. I only need one of each type for now.

Primary: Predator II handgun
Secondary: Predator II handgun
Equipment: comms links to squad and to other squads' leaders. Combat knife.
Role Description: coordinates efforts of squad with those of other squads in area, as well as care for squad.

Primary: Martin MK1 assault rifle
Secondary: Predator II handgun
Equipment: under slung 40mm grenade launcher. Combat knife.
Role Description: well rounded for use in nearly all combat situations.

Primary: Terror SMG
Secondary: Predator II handgun
Equipment: suppressors fitted for both primary and secondary weapons. Combat knife.
Role Description: provides devastating close range firepower, supplemented with decent hand to hand knowledge.

Primary: Martin Mod 3 Marksman Rifle
Secondary: Predator II handgun
Equipment: portable radar. Combat knife.
Role Description:

Primary: Crusader LMG
Secondary: Predator II handgun
Equipment: weapon mounted bipod and light armor plating. Combat knife.
Role Description: provides suppressing fire for the team, as well as laying down devastating medium range firepower.

Primary: Hell-Blazer flamethrower
Secondary: Afterburner handgun
Equipment: heat shielding added to armor. Combat Knife.
Role Description: flushes enemies out of various hiding places, as well as removes cover.

Primary: Predator II handgun.
Secondary: shatter-cannon
Equipment: multiple c4 charges. Combat knife
Role description: makes things go boom. Do you need more description than that?

Primary: Krieger 12ga
Secondary: Predator II handgun.
Equipment: wireless system tap. Combat knife.
Role Description: provides access to and/or shuts down security systems and other electronics for squad.

Primary: "Samurai" resonance katana
Secondary: predator II handgun
Equipment: vital point energy shield.
Role Description: provides extreme close range power with expertise in hand to hand and sharp weapons combat.

Primary: Buck-Hammer
Secondary: Predator II handgun
Equipment: portable cutting torch/welder. Combat knife.
Role Description: provides overwhelming close range firepower, as well as the ability to "manually hack" and fix things.

Primary: trebuchet dual compound bow
Secondary: Predator II handgun
Equipment: silencer for handgun and multiple arrowhead types. Combat knife.
Role Description: provides a scout for squad as well as close to medium-long range stealth.

Primary: Mad Hatter .338 Lapua
Secondary: Predator II handgun
Equipment: thermal optics and long range comms. Combat knife.
Role Description: provides heavy long range firepower to cover squad, as well as exterminate high priority targets.

Primary: Martin Mod2 carbine
Secondary: Predator II handgun
Equipment: medical pack. Combat knife.
Role Description: provides medical attention to wounded squad-mates or other mercenaries.

Card Skeleton-

Age: (at least 21)
Species: (humans allowed. Mythical creatures, not.)
Appearance: (coloring, markings, etc. bionic parts are allowed, within reason.)
Preferred locked specialization:
Other: (anything else you'd like to add- backstory, additional info, etc.)

If I've forgotten anything, feel free to let me know.

Hmm i might join are we allowed to use our old character card?

If you copy said card over to here, yes.

Name: Jack Napier
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Hyena
Height: 6'4
Weight: 140 lbs
But has a bullet proof vest under it.
Personality: He is serious about the respect that computers and the like deserve and is not the biggest on a long mission but will break into most any system hardware or software no matter which.
Specialization: Hacker.
Locked: Pyro.
Grew up in a do it yourself world with not the best jobs available he resorted to hacking into bank accounts and stealing from them until he found the group Deadwater and joined them to help in any way that makes him more money.

One thing I forgot to mention is the uniforms, which will be standard to all classes, minus the helmet. They will be this here:

Other than that, looks good. I like the picture; I prefer to use them to describe characters.


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