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What is your take on the idea of carnivorous and omnivorous diets in a hypothetical furry world? What do you think they would eat, would there be feral animals of the same background as Anthros? What alternatives to their current diets would there be?

I'd just like to know what everyone else imagines they would be like. ^_^

Old Rabbit:
It depends on the variety of species in your hypothetical furry world.  After all if one included
all animals, birds, and marine creatures in the mix there wouldn't be much to eat except insects or
plants.  The simplest solution would be the Star Trek Food replicator.. A rabbits best friend.  :D

The big problem with feeding on feral species in a furry world would be how to draw the line
between feral and not. Would we as furries eat ferals because they are antisocial or less intelligent?
Or because they couldn't defend themselves?  Of course like our world it's all about survival.

Since a furry world would generally be anthropomorpic.  Housing and transport shouldn't be
much different than with humans. Of course baths would need to enclude large fur drying
equipment and other special designs for individual anatomy.

I leave it to others for more details. :orbunny:

I agree with Old Rabbit, that it would depend heavily on the variety of species in the world.

In a mostly canine/feline world, probably a lot of avians, fish, pork, rabbits, and maybe even some equines (or whatever the overarching category would be for cows/buffalo/bison/horse).

In a hugely diverse world, it's very hard to imagine one species allowing its "feral" counterpart to be eaten, but then what would be eaten? Would one animal's milk or other products be acceptable?

cause the rat:
I've kept mine to a minimum. But still playing in the part of herbivore and carnivores. A wolf would want to eat more meat than a rabbit. But both would share the same table and meal. There are herd animals such as the cows and sheep. Plus fish and other meat animals that are consumed.

My idea is that they'd eat tasty monster creatures that don't have thought or reason or anything like that.
Like the Monster Hunter games perhaps!
I'd imagine that kind of world would be troublesome for a few species that are sentient that appear frightening.


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