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I feel like I'm not acticve enough in the fandom.

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Hans the husky:
So I have known about the fandom for a while now but only joined recently and I just feel like I'm not involved enough. I don't have a suit, I'm not really into furry art, I can't go to any convention in the foreseeable future, and there isn't really a community in my area. The only real furry stuff I do is in this forum, but the sub I'm most active in is the non furry forum. I guess it's my fault that I want to be more involved but I'm not really interested in what the fandom has to offer. I dunno. I just am interested in what you guys think.

cause the rat:
I've been in the fandom for 8+ years now. Don't want a fursuit. Most of the furry art I own came from outside the fandom. And that's a wopping  3 pictures. Two of them are Steampunk. Don't own a lot of plushies. I have two from a charity event. I've gone to cons almost every year. Six cons in eight + years now. And one furry event. My activity in the fandom is almost entirely online. Forms and facebook. What I do in my daily life. In the order of importance to me. I'm a singer/musician/songwriter but do no furry songs. I'm an artist.  I'm learning to paint but do not intend to do furry art. I'm a furry. It's not a life style for me. I'll never wear ears and a tail. I do have furry themed T-shirts and a con shirt for every furry con I've been to.  But the only one I've ever worn wile performing is the Hyena Agenda 'Play Dead' shirt. Looks like we're int he same boat. :) The reality is you are a furry if you say your a furry. You don't need involvement. Just be you and enjoy the fandom anyway that fits who you are.

I think your doing fine.

Jade Sinapu:
I agree with Cause
Here is my take on furry.

I do have a suit.. And about that...
In 5 minutes of zipping it up,  I'm on fire.  I'm padded,  insulated,  and can't see well.  I have depression, and the suit is only fun if I'm feeling ok to start with.  It in its self, for me,  does not cause happiness.  It can make others happy and that can make me happy, unless I'm super tired.

I like some furry art, some is just mind blowing and makes me think it's a picture taken in another world. I like that.  I personally wish I had animal abilities at times.  But that is me.

I sometimes watch furry YouTube videos. Some are uplifting.  Some are crazy cute.  Some are just plain stupid.  It's all good.

But reality is I'm a scientist/ engineer who loves animals and using my imagination. I'm bad at art, and can sing only a little. My dance moves stink.
I am relatively new into the fandom,  but I'm glad I joined.

It really is as Cause says. You really are a furry if you want to be and say so.  I went to 1 con only so far.  It was fun.  I attended panels on therianisim,  wikka,  fursuit making, acting etc., many others.   I went to one dance only and was not super active. I regret not being more crazy happy there. 
But what I remember the most was a younger girl as a white wolfress who asked the cost of my suit.  I stupidly told her.  Cost is not the point!  Making things is.

Furry is a hobby of creating.  Creating a world in your mind.  Filling it with characters.  Maybe acting then out irl.  Or none of that.  Your participation can be whatever you want.  Very few "rules ". No need to draw,  animate, dance or sing.  No need for a suit and often times reasons not to have one.

Your furry to me Hans!
Furry is mostly a community.  In my opinion.

For me furry is safe-for-work hobby.  Good enough for me.
And for orientation,  I'm in the asexual spectrum.  And furry is a safe place for me in that.  And I'm a grey muzzle.   :-[

I would encourage you to hang in there.  I've made good friends in furry.  So my opinion is it's a good thing for me.

A topic I wrote up long, long ago.

Jade Sinapu:
Good point Kobuk!


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