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Argument. What is furry.


cause the rat:
The latest argument I've seen on what is and what isn't a furry.  In point, not animal equals not furry. This would include protogen and other non %100 animal fursonas.  Making a case that sub groups like these will ruin the fandom. Arguing if we were to accept these than anything could be made a furry. This person has followers within the fandom that agree.

What's your opinion? I'll use one of my fursonas as an example. Is this furry?

I've created a fursona based on a mix of science and animism. A frankenstein mix of animal, wood, stone and technology. It's purpose is to have a spiritual connection to the world it's helping to rebuild. it has social and emotional characteristics with the ability to communicate and react. 

Jade Sinapu:
Without giving it super deep thought, I would say your example is a furry.  It is part animal.
But typically I would say I would prefer 50.01% of fursona be an animal.  Or the animal part of them regardless of percentage, is the most important part. 
That is just me.

I am here for fun, laughs, talking, and seeing the creative aspects like art and writing and costumes etc.
So I am not really overly serious.


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