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Bad Luck
« on: March 15, 2005, 11:33:11 am »
On the way to the Art Jam last Saturday I got into an accident. Loads of fun. It's my first one in all 7 years safe driving that I've been at some fault. I've been hit twice before but they were very minor taps. This time I rear-ended someone who wasn't paying attention to the traffic in front of her. She slammed on her brakes, I slammed on mine, and whether there was ABS or not, I slid and couldn't get out of the way. It's the first time my reactions let me down. I've spent the last 3 days saying, 'I should have...', 'If only...', and any number of curses at the pain I feel now.


So I pull over to the side of the road (car still starts by some incredible feat) and get out on the passenger side.. then shock digs in and I can't stand. Fun! *smirks sarcastically* The woman who was hit by the girl in front of me gets me to sit and tells me to stay put until shock wears off (she was only slightly tapped. I got the worst end of the deal since I hit an old resold cop car from '92. Bloody thing's made of steel not fiberglass like my car which is crumpled to the point I can't see over my hood. Looked like someone used it to pitch a tent.). Then the worst thing decides to show up..... neck pain. Wheee! *sighs*

Next thing I know I'm not allowed to move, the ambulance showes up and they strap me to a board and head vice. Damn those things are Nasty!! Sure they're uncomfortable, if you only stay in one for 10-15 mins or so. I was stuck in it for over an hour! We got caught in traffic when a driver had seizures behind the wheel and cause a big mess on the highway. The head-vice was so painful by that point I couldn't feel my neck pain... or my arms and legs up to my elbows and knees for that matter.

That was the most traumatic part of the whole ordeal. (I wont go into detail here, it's just not very nice)

5 hours later I got to go home. Finally!

Yesturday we picked up my car from the tow yard and got it home on another tow truck (wallet is significantly lighter... moths don't even see enough in it to attract them). And the front end looks like that PB&J sandwich you stuck into the VCR when you were a kid after it was extracted. It's going to cost quite a bit to repair.... but at least it's salvagable!

So here I sit, in a neck brace, on muscle relaxants and _really_ nice pain killers for the next week becoming re-aquainted with every nook & crany of the house that needs cleaning - trying to figure out where we're going to get the money to fix the car and manage to pay bills this month. Maybe I'll trade the car for some magic beans.

If any of you were thinking of buying some art from me, now's the time to do it. I would appreciate the cash right about now.
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