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Title: Would this even be a "furry costume"?
Post by: Fuyurin on June 23, 2015, 07:12:15 am
I overheat super easily, so in essence it's good that I know my limits as mascot suits are so not in the cards. That having been said, I would be so happy if I could still dress up as Fuyurin for cons. I have an idea to use prosthetics to change my facial structure to be more animal-like with contacts and body paints. I think I can find a really good tutorial on turning platform heels into ungulate feet. Fuyurin wears a kimono, so that would cover most of my body, so attaching a tail underneath and I'd in theory be all set. My question is, is this still considered "fursuiting"? Would it not really be a furry costume at all? I'd just feel a bit awkward if people gave me weird looks because it's not a mascot costume.
Title: Re: Would this even be a "furry costume"?
Post by: Kobuk on June 23, 2015, 07:31:18 am
Even though it may not be a "true" fursuit per se, you are still making yourself look animal-like, so I see no problem with it. I've seen plenty of other people at conventions who didn't have a proper fursuit, but used makeup, prosthetics, bodypaint, etc. to make themselves look like animals. It's all good. Use what you think works and looks best. ;)
Title: Re: Would this even be a "furry costume"?
Post by: Alsek on June 25, 2015, 07:30:22 pm
Okay,  well it kind of depends on the venue and the context.

Plenty of people will give you weird looks for wearing a fursuit too.

However,  be careful how it relates to cons.  Cons definitely have different policies where it comes to body paint and clothing standards.  Some cons do not have an officially voiced policy about body paint at all.  Some do have specific rules for body painters.  For example,  Further Confusion requires you keep a shirt on you,  and that you don't pass through public hotel areas (like the lobby) without it on.  They also don't allow you to sit on hotel furniture or to actually do latex or body painting in public areas.

Eurofurance actually requires you get special permission from their chief of security to do anything more with bodypaints than just facepaints.  Specifically they're concerned about fursuiters (which have notoriously poor vision) accidentally bumping into people with body paint and ruining their suits.

Just make sure you know what the convention's specific policies are before doing anything and you should be fine.  ^ . ^