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Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.

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Old Rabbit:

Old man Trump is back at it  with a rally in Ohio. He is already claiming the
Democrats are out to get him. So I think we can be sure he will continue his lies
about his lost election. I am sure most of those that attend are completely under
his spell, and want to believe all of his lies. If Trump wasn't so bad I would feel
sorry for him when he rants about past losses.

The sad thing is the GOP is going along with Trump and his lies. Not only that so
is the right wing media. So it's no wonder why people are being misled into
thinking the Democrats just don't  like him when told he is bad for the country.

Trump knows what people want to hear, so he tells them this at his rally's.  He
loves the cheers, as it feeds his ego. It's this ego that makes Trump dangerous,
because he will do most anything to feed it. Hence the reason he cares only for

It's down right  amazing what some people are willing to  believe. One idea was
that Italy was using satellites to rig our presidential election. It's not possible, but
it seems people are ready to believe anything if it suits them. Another was a man
who still thinks the earth is flat, believes the Russians are planning to use an
atomic bomb to tilt the earth enough so we slide off.

 The Democrats must convince a majority of the voters to punish the GOP, if
they don't, and if allowed to take control of government, we may well be headed
for civil war or a race war. Perhaps both because many of the far right hate people of color.

GOP controlled states continue  to blame unemployment for people not returning
to work. This is GOP politicians chasing votes and support from businesses and
ignorant people who have little idea how hard it is to get unemployment  much  less stay on it.

Many businesses don't  want to pay workers more money, some can't afford to,
so society may have to deal with it or businesses with high labor costs may have
to close if they can't afford to exist. Because workers need to make a reasonable
living to maintain good health of mind and body.

Another thing is some jobs are just gone. Then some still have kids at home and can't
afford to put them in child care making low wages.
so they stay on unemployment for the money.

Old Rabbit:

In the mid 2000's the GOP decided to put all their political effort into taking over
state legislatures. At the time the GOP were facing political losses at the federal
level and feared their party was down for the count so to speak.

I think we can see this was a smart move by the GOP, as they gained several
governorship and control of several state legislatures. Unfortunately instead of
working for the good of the country, they have been working for the so called good
of the party, and their rich supporters.
Now I have no problem with people wanting to make a good income, but some
are more than willing to step on others to do so, and the republican party apparently is ready to help them do it, and since the election of president Reagan
they have been doing just that, full of promises and little else. At least for middle
class Americans trying to make a decent living. These Americans grow poorer
while the GOP helps the rich grow richer. With this help the rich is fully willing to
help the GOP stay in power.

While Trump and the GOP had power about all they did was cut taxes for the
riches Americans. That and put conservative judges in federal courts. After trying
hard for several years the GOP has learned it's much easier  to use the courts
to change laws, instead of fighting the Democrats in congress. Especially since the
GOP is a minority party that depends on independents to hold power.

It seems many people either don't  want to be vaccinated against covid19, or feel
they don't need to be. The political excuse is the worst because it's a terrible
excuse to put others at risk just because a politician tells them not  to, only for the
purpose to gain more votes. In my local area a small town is trying to get rid of a
good mayor just because he is requiring people to wear masks. Seems many of
the town citizens care more about their personal comfort than peoples lives.

The sad thing is many in the GOP care more about political  power than the public
health. Yes, most people in that town are republicans, and we can be sure no GOP
politician is supporting the mayor.

cause the rat:
Old Rabbit, it's not murder, it's republican! The covid Delta + variant is killing people at any age. It's now found in all 50 states. Honestly believe we have less than three months before serious lock downs begin again. Our Republican party is the first in known history of mankind to knowingly try to kill of it's own followers.

I'm going to put this out there. Because no one else seems to be talking about it. Trump believes NASA is watching him. He also said that Italy used satellites to interfere with the election. This sounds more like dementia than politics.

Old Rabbit:

Even though the population of the United States is growing old the GOP continues
it's work to block immigration. Most likely because they see it as a way to gain
votes for their party. The GOP governor of South Dakota sent 50 state national
guard troops to the boarder with Mexico to help keep desperate families from
entering  the U S to gain asylum. Not a military invasion but mothers, fathers,
 and their children who face death in their own country. The cost to send these 
troops is apparently being paid for by a Tennessee Billionaire.

The legality of allowing a private individual to pay a state for a political purpose
is highly suspect. If this is allowed, what to keep other plutocrats from supporting
the GOP who is against voting, or any protest they don't like. I am sure if a
Democrat governor was to try this, the GOP would be having a fit.

This country needs millions of immigrants to grow. Otherwise the country will fall
behind countries run by autocrats, and plutocrats. People who care nothing for the
average man or woman, but only for themselves. Trump claims he is for the
common man, but this is a lie, he is using his followers for his own benefit,
theirs, or the country for that matter. It's unfortunate we have a party like
the GOP who fears the lost of power so much they will lie and cheat to get what they
want from government, and the people they mislead.

These people claim they are for law and order, but many of them only follow the
law when it suits their purpose. Sometimes I feel the GOP has been stolen by
the far right because conservatism is the closest thing to their way of thinking. So
with Trump's help they are trying to twist it to suit their purpose. A
purpose we must fight with our votes to prevent. Because allowing them to
succeed will hand our country to the super rich. People who consider themselves
better than anyone else.

Old Rabbit:

It seems Trump doesn't think side benefits should be taxable. At least that is what
he tells his supporters. They may wish to believe Trump's lies, but they best
report those benefits to the IRS,. or they may wish they had, because side benefits
are considered to be taxable income. Even if Trump doesn't think so.

-Just how far will the GOP go trying to hang on to political power? So far they are
letting Trump tell them what to do, with threats to replace GOP congressmen if 
they ignore his wishes.

Trump continues to push his lie about his election being stolen. I fully expect he
planned to make this claim if he had lost to  H Clinton in 2016. Mainly because
just before the election he was making the claim his election  with her was
being rigged, because he fully expected to lose.  It's pathetic how he has
continue to run H Clinton down ever since. It seems Trump thinks by running
her down he is making himself look better. Instead is just shows how screwed up
he and his supporters are.

Trump doesn't seem to understand how to be a good winner, much less a loser.
It's really sad how he continues to run H Clinton down years after his win over
her in 2016. I really think Trump does suffer from dementia at times due to his
crazy claims that make little or no sense. The real danger to the
country is the way the republican party supports this craziness. 

If the GOP does regain control of the house of representatives in 2022, if's
possible Trump may demand to be made speaker. If this was to happen, congress
would end up being run by a crazy man who only cares for himself.

Covid19 is growing again, especially in areas controlled by the GOP. The
governor of my state of Missouri appears to be wanting to hide this in the
southwest part of our state. Claiming there are no real problems due to covid19 there. Well you would think a GOP governor would want to protect a GOP
strong hold, but he apparently fears requiring masks or vaccinations so much
he won't do anything. So hundreds are getting sick and many are dying due
to covid19 in that part of the state.


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