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Derpy Day
« on: February 26, 2012, 03:39:07 pm »
I'm announcing here and on My DA Journal my plans to try and get Derpy Hooves her own Brony celebrated holiday.

For this holiday we need to

A) Settle on a standard date.

B) Get the word out far and wide to ever Brony you know about this.

C) Do not be shaken by neighsayers. Derpy has been the Brony mascot for a long time and she deserves better than this recent treaatment. I think all of us getting together and making our own holiday for us and for our little pony will send a message that she is NOT offensive and indeed very much beloved to this community.

So write to EqD, write all your Brony friends, Post this on Ponychan, Tumblr, your own DA journals, any MLP forum you visit. Make a video and announce it on youtube if you can. We need to bring our community together and show everybody how much we really love Derpy.

International Derpy Appreciation Day guys; lets make it happen.
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