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Re: Gun control.
« Reply #50 on: June 22, 2016, 07:11:08 pm »
I find it funny how people get so caught up in these discussions.
How (most) people from countries that allow guns say we must have them, while (most) people from countries where guns/hand guns are outlawed insist that those other countries that allow them are wrong and must change...
And how all of the charts and data showing lower crime with guns and higher crime without seems to come from pro gun sources, and how the high crime with and low crime without guns seems to come from the anti gun sources. ...Such biased arguments don't help anyone.

The truth is that no one is right or wrong in having or not having a gun because there is no right or wrong in that argument.
The only real right or wrong exists in trying to make the argument itself.

For example, the idea that someone (anyone) can come along and tell others what they can and cannot do, and what they can and cannot own, or even that they must give up what they already own because of "reasons" is arrogant and wrong.
And not because of the contents of their argument but simply because they're implying they know what's better for you than you do. That is what's wrong.

Now consider this for a moment...
What if it was argued that everyone was required to own and carry a gun (you go outside and could literally be arrested for not having your firearm with you.)
That would be a ridiculous thing to argue, right? But it's just as ridiculous as hearing or reading someone say that you can't, or you shouldn't, or what you have should be taken away because other people think they know better.
People who don't like guns would despise the idea of being required to have one or carry one just as people who like/own/use guns despise the idea of being required to give up their property, abilities, and rites.

So do you all see that the only real right or wrong is in assuming that there is a right or wrong to be argued?
The best thing that anyone can do is to accept and respect the ideals, culture, rites, and opinions of others.
If you dislike guns, that's fine because you don't have to own one, that's your choice. But if you own one or want to own one, that's also fine because that is your choice. (Assuming you live in a country that lets you make such choices.)

All I can really say beyond that is to be responsible...
If you own a gun or plan to own one, be responsible and smart about that choice and the possibility of the damage that could be caused to others. (Damage to lives, property, rites, etc.)
And if you want to argue against owning a gun, be just as responsible and smart about that choice and the possibility of the damage such arguments could cause to others. (Damage to lives, property, rights, etc.)
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Re: Gun control.
« Reply #51 on: June 25, 2016, 11:54:01 am »
Seems the anti gun people point to the assult style rifle as something that should be
banned. Well unless it can be easily made to be an automatic. I don't see it as much different
than any other simi aautomatic rifle that uses a magazine. It's the magazine that gives it the
massive killing power.

If one had to manuely fill the thing with bullets one at a  time instead of shoving a new magazine
into it. The person trying to use it would be standing there shoving bullets into it. You suppose everone would
stand around waiting for him to load it? Of course not. So it's the ability to fire large numbers of bullets
that makes a gun danerous to crowds.

In a way I am surprised the anti gun crowd hasn't said "Guns were only single shot 200 yers ago. Not
multi shot like today. Perhaps the second amendment doesn't give protection to  them. Only single shot
ones. "

Gun fancyers needent worry something like that would die quickly, the amendment doesn't say what  kind
of gun, or it's ability to fire bullets. While we know they aren't going to give up, a comprimises is
looming in the future someday. Hopefully not a bad one.

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