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Due to the "exponential" increase in the interest of My Little Pony both in the furry fandom and out of the well as on Furtopia here, It was decided by the staff to create a small community group for "brony" fans to share and discuss various MLP topics.

As this community is new, Please report any bugs or glitches to the staff immediately so we can take care of any problems. If anybody has any questions on anything, then please PM a Mod or Admin.

Also, some topics may or may not fit in this new community. For example: Discussing construction of a MLP fursuit could get posted in this forum or it could get posted/moved to the fursuit forum here:
If anyone is unsure where to post something, then please PM the staff and we'll help you out.

Kay Alett:
~Yay~ A My Little Pony community section. :D

You know what this calls for?


Our very own Sub-forum?

Narei Mooncatt:

--- Quote from: Liedt on September 13, 2011, 09:56:34 am ---

--- End quote ---

Being a little loud there, Fluttershy. :P

Oh, and on a more serious note: Given the general playfull and silly attitude of the pony community, would this section be more lax when it comes to randomness within the threads that may or may not be directly on topic? Within reason of course. Yes, I am aware of the irony of a serious question about being silly. Sort of Monty Python'ish, wouldn't you say?

Kay Alett:
Lets try to keep things on topic okay everypony? A little silliness here and there is okay as much as anywhere else on the forums but lets not get carried away by this. We've been given something special and we need to treat it well and responsably. So Liedt, hooves off the couch please. Narei, use a coaster.

This may be a sub-community of furtopia but its still in the same forums and still subject to the same rules. Sorry to be a joy-kill but I AM on staff and as excited by all this as I am *squee* I still have to enforce rules.

That said, I don't see any harm in a little on-topic silly-ness as long as it doesn't get out of controll and start being spammy or silly just for silly's sake.


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