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How did you discover FiM?

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For myself, some brony friends of mine had been raving about it for months, and one day I decided to record it. Simple as that. I am now a brony, and I'm not ashamed of liking the MLP: FiM. It is brilliant.  :D

Heard about it from my friend. He said Discord was like Q from Star Trek and I saw a few episodes and it spiraled from there.

I first heard of the show on another forum I'm regularly on when it first got popular, though hadn't really started watching it until late last year, and have slowly been catching up with it with my girlfriend, who is a fan of the series and has been watching it again with me.

I went to the Hasbro website because I was researching job opportunities.  And at the site, I found that they had the latest episode available to watch. So I checked it out, and I liked it.

They don't seem to feature the show at the hasbro website anymore. But it's on netflix, so I watch it that way.

Iara Warriorfeather:
I heard about the show on a My Little Pony collector forum I visit from time to time. I decided to watch it, and I was hooked from episode 1. I haven't watched the latest season, as I lack Netflix, but I do enjoy watching bits of new episodes on YouTube.


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