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So I have noticed this side of the forum has been well completely empty so I thought I would kick start it if you will I will eventually be making more topics if this goes well .this one is going to be dedicated to just why you joined the fandom what brought you to it. And what is your favourite mlp character/characters you can name as many as you like mane six or otherwise  but what makes you like em is what I am intrested in I will start.

I joined the fandom not long after I joined the furry fandom I was wondering what all the hype was about and well I watched one episode and that turned into two which turned into a season and so on. I love it every one I have met in the fandom is lovely. My favourite is rainbow dash becouse she is a bit confident in herself and I like her cider problem xD.

Post comments below as usual and we can see if we can kick start this area qgain cos I think I see tumble weeds


--- Quote from: viper213 on April 15, 2016, 01:44:01 pm --- I was wondering what all the hype was about and well I watched one episode and that turned into two which turned into a season and so on.
--- End quote ---
It's pretty similar for me.  I first watched a few episodes on the Hasbro website because I was curious if there was any truth to the hype.  I watched three episodes because that was what was available, in every case, there was at least one scene that completely cracked me up, plus I found them overall enjoyable besides.  The next time I checked the Hasbro website they had apparently stopped putting episodes there, so I didn't watch any more for a while.  Then a few months later, I found FiM was on Netflix and have sense watched all the ones available there. Including the Equestria Girls movies as they became available. 

Rainbow Dash:
My favorite character. For one thing, I think e is the best looking one. Maybe that's a bit superficial, but I love the colors. RD can unintentionally come off as a little bit of a jerk sometimes, but I love how they actively show em struggle with that.

Twilight Sparkle:
The character I probably have the most in common with. Since ey tend to be analytical. TS also tends to be a perfectionist, another trait we have in common.

The other character I have a lot in common with. I have always struggled with social anxiety and tend to be very sensitive and reserved. I love how the show tackles that, helping to show what it's like for some of us more sensitive types.

I like all the main six, and I love the interplay between them. I also like a lot of the other characters in the show.  My favorite character from the Equestria Girls movies is Sunset Shimmer. Even though when I first watched it, I thought the ending of the first movie was a bit lame. But I love how they've handled the character with the other movies, and a result, I like the first movies ending a lot more.

Thanks for the reply to the topic I honestly was not expecting any replies anyway back to topic.

It seems that we have fairly similar favourite characters I am a huge fan of rainbow dash it just his attitude and his struggles with friends and dreams. I agree the design for her is great very pleasing to the eye. I quite like applejack as she is truthfull but loyal to the end she can be very competitive but will throw away a challenge if she can help someone along the way.twilight sparkle is probably my overall favourite I like the design of her and the struggles of learning and friends I love how she had no idea about anything in season one and how she has grown as a character. The aesthetic look of her I like the colours I. Her mane I like most.

The mane six the way they interact I like and is what drew me in to start with the friendship between them and everyone else and the struggles they go through as friends and how they have got closer through the seasons.
Again thx for the reply thought I would see if I can kick start the sub forum Into life again

Rarity is a character that I've grown to like more and more as the seasons progressed.

A bit off topic, but a few months ago, I seen some lunchboxes for sale. They had some with DJ Pon3 and some with Minions. The Minions one was twice the price of the FiM one. Which just seems completely strange to me. But then, I really don't get why those things are popular. Even I put aside the fact that I like MLP, I would still greatly prefer the pony one because it just looks so much better.

I didn't really get into MLP until Season 1 was over. The hype was just starting to flood FA to the point where you couldn't go anywhere without it being there to some degree, and thanks to Youtube, I could catch up without a problem. Yup, first episode was, ok. Then the second caught my attention. By the third I was hooked, badly. Fan made music was also exploding and I eagerly dived into the fray, collecting quite a lot that I still have in my expansive playlists. However, while the fire has died down for the TV episodes (I still watch every one), my vice, my addiction... is fanfiction. Oh, fimfic has me hooked good. I find myself reading during both breaks and lunch at work every time. It's not to the point I've tried writing my own, although I have to admit I mentally entertain a silly tale involving ponies and my own creation (not Morphy) that may or may not ever get written down.

One thing that I still do, but is now infested with technocolor ponies, is my own foolish generosity before Rarity made it an Element. I'll buy a number of those McD's pony toys, in addition to the normal boatload of giant pixie stixs, and give those out at conventions. MFM was also rife with badges for made up conventions (Floorcon) featuring silly pony vectors and names to go with them. I still want to make bumper stickers but finding vectors that're "just right" for what I need is proving difficult to the extreme. I had found a [Vote for Fluttershy in 2012] vector on FA and made a bunch to hand out at the MFM Brony meet in 2011. I still have it on my own car but it's eroded to a blank space since then.


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