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What exactly do you mean by "pony vectors"?


--- Quote from: Yip on April 20, 2016, 01:00:33 am ---What exactly do you mean by "pony vectors"?

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I dont know sorry for late replies college ect it is always intresting finding out how others found the show and how it has had an influence upon them big or small and how we all have a favourite character for diffrent reasons

*pokes morphy*
What do you mean by pony vectors? Do you mean vector art or something else?

Rocket T. Coyote:
I have a few friends in the fandom who are Bronies. One has a Twilight Sparkle suit and was the only MLP at the last furcon I attended last month. I have only seen a few episodes of the current MLP series--all at MediaWest and at a party. One of the episodes featured a Weird Al Yankovic character in a "Goof-Off" against Pinkie Pie--IIRC

Some months ago, I took some sort of MLP test and discovered my match is Spitfire--Captain of The Wonderbolts. So I researched the character and took a liking to her. She would make the most inoffensive nose art on any combat jet IMHO.

At present. I'm trying to make a Spitfire suit out of a Forever Lazy pajama suit. It's 75% done and I'm stuck on what style wings and how to attach them. Then there's padding.


--- Quote from: Rocket T. Coyote on May 23, 2016, 11:46:11 pm ---One of the episodes featured a Weird Al Yankovic character in a "Goof-Off" against Pinkie Pie--IIRC
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Yes. That character would be Cheese Sandwich.  The series occasionally has characters clearly patterned after famous characters/people. But in this case, the character was not only patterned after Weird Al, but actually voiced by em too.


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