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Thanksgiving Meal poem fit for a weird carnivore


Jade Sinapu:
A Carnivore Thanksgiving Meal

I was hungering deep down
For something pleasing, golden brown.
A little salty, a little sweet
A nice piece of meat.

I ventured about, I haven't no doubt
That what I want is there, For a price that is fair.

Away to town! I will find my desire!
And take her home, and sit near the fire!
I met her at the market, feeling no sin
She was so young and sweet
With smooth white skin
What a nice fresh piece of meat!

She was from Iowa, her name Jenny O.
I, from the mountains, so far to go

She knew little, sort of headless
Who cares, she will look good with lettuce!

I untied her legs, and spread them apart
I reached inside, and went to work.
There it was, a little lump, her heart
I pulled it out, finding it is always a perk.

I rubbed her down with sweet butter and oils, all the time, enjoying my toils.
I packed her full of stuffing and herbs, hoping that nothing disturbs.
Injecting juices to keep her wet, soon she would be smoking hot.
Her smell will fill my den, I will want for naught.

Done with her, I tie her back up.
I lay her down in a bed of vegetables, that looks acceptable.
I replace her sheet, a piece of foil, I can't have her dry and spoil.
In she goes, low and slow, warmed by a beautiful warm red-orange glow.
Now I wait for her, hours upon end, glad I have time to spend
Drooling for her taste to fill my mouth once again, what a tasty hen!

Failing at line 5?
Perhaps you need to write it
Again as Haiku


Jade Sinapu:
I fixed the problem I was having.
It turns out that if you write something in a text editor, and it is cut-paste into Furtopia, there can be Unicode characters in it, and Furtopia does not like that.
So I cut and pasted into Notepad++ and converted the text to ANSI and edited the Unicode conversions to ASCII and then cut-paste that to Furtopia.
If I had written it in furtopia to start with, no problem.  Or if I had used something like notepad or notepad++, I would also have been fine.


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